My Baby Belongs Here (So Stop Giving Me Dirty Looks!)

baby in hatWhen my son was a baby, there were a whole host of places I refused to bring him, simply because I wanted to be courteous to the people around me who were trying to enjoy a day or night out at places where babies really have no business being (like fancy restaurants and spas).

But at the same time, there were plenty of other seemingly kid-friendly places I brought my little guy to where I still got looks of disgust from those around me. Apparently there are some people who think babies should remain behind closed doors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, or some nonsense like that.

I can even recall one time in particular where a bank teller looked at me like I had two heads because I walked in to deposit a check with my son on my hip. (What was I supposed to do? Leave him in the car?)


Here are six places where babies should be welcomed with open arms instead of greeted with dirty looks.

  1. Airplanes -- This is a big one for sure. Believe it or not, babies have to get from point A to point B too, and sometimes this involves getting on a plane with their parents. (Imagine that.) Yes, I know babies often cry on planes. But I'd much rather sit next to a crying baby than an adult who makes me want to cry after talking my ear off for two hours straight. Babies are passengers too. Get over it, people.
  2. Weddings -- Is there anything cuter than a baby in a suit and tie or frilly dress? I think not. Babies make weddings more enjoyable. And most of the adults are too drunk to notice them anyway, so no one should mind them being there.
  3. Family Restaurants -- News flash: If you don't want to be seated next to a family with a baby, don't eat at a restaurant that offers a kids' menu. It's that simple. Really.
  4. Clothing Stores -- Have you ever attempted to try on a dress with a baby in tow? And have you ever watched the sales girl who let you into the dressing room roll her eyes in horror at the sight of your baby? (Face it -- moms shop. Make googly eyes at our baby and we may even buy more.)
  5. Public Restrooms -- This also has to do with the facility itself, not just the people in the restroom. Every public restroom needs to offer a changing table. Period. I was forced to lay down a blanket and change my son on a bathroom floor once. I'm still not over it. Oh yeah, and regardless of where I'm changing my baby, making faces and holding your nose while I'm changing him is really, really inappropriate and rude.
  6. Baby Showers -- This one continues to surprise me. Every time I've been to a shower where there's a baby present, someone always winds up bitching about the baby being there. Hello? What the heck are we celebrating, here?

Where else do you feel unwelcome with your baby, when it should be the opposite?


Image via prayitno/Flickr

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