Jenelle Evans Won't Let Breast Implants Keep Her From Breastfeeding


jenelle evansWe are all kinds of CONCERNED about Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans having another baby. But that baby is coming, ready or not. At least now she's thinking ahead about how she wants to parent. Sounds like Jenelle is planning to breastfeed, even with that fresh set of implants! "Weird... I can still breast feed with implants... Lol THAT will be interesting." she tweeted recently.

A lot of women assume you can't breastfeed with breast implants. It seems logical that those silicone sacks would get in the way somehow. But surprise! It's possible for the majority of women with implants. It all depends on how that surgery was done.


If the implants are inserted through an incision under the breast crease, or under the chest muscles, it shouldn't interfere with nursing. It's when a surgeon inserts the implants through a nipple incision that makes breastfeeding impossible. So now we all know. You really can... have... it... all (ehrm).

Anyway, results may vary. Talk with your doctor. Manage your expectations. And by the way -- some doctors still recommend against getting implants if you want to breastfeed someday. Breastfeeding expert and physician Dr. Miriam Labbok told ABC News that the less pressure you put on your mammary glands the more success you'll have:

The mammary gland, like any other gland, performs normally when it has blood surprise and space to grow. But when you put pressure on any gland in the body you risk it malfunctioning and compromising lactation.

Wow, you didn't think you're read the word "glands" this much when you clicked on this post, did you? Welcome to breastfeeding! Even with the right incision, a surgeon can make tiny little errors that interfere with nursing. So that's something to consider, too.

I think breastfeeding is challenging enough on its own without implants. Why make it more difficult? Of course, in Jenelle's case it's too late. She's got those implants in there, and it's great for her to find out that she can probably still breastfeed anyway. But women who are contemplating having kids and getting implants may want to consider postponing those implants. Just remember -- those little girls get a lot bigger when you're breastfeeding anyway! 

Did you know you can still usually breastfeed with implants?


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nonmember avatar kaerae

How will her boobs reach all the way to Barb's house?

nonmember avatar ABF'nmom

I got implants in my early 20's and have a nipple incision. I successfully breastfead all 3 of my kids for 1 year+ each. See? Not impossible with that type of incision.

SuzyB... SuzyBarno

Not me but I have a friend who is still breast feeding her 22 month old and she has huge breast implants!

Jessica Patrick

I too have (saline) implants that were inserted through the nipple and am successfully breastfeeding my son. It was a discussion I had with my surgeon 13 years ago, far before I planned on having children. My son is 6 months old and breastfeeding has been a breeze.

nonmember avatar Kelsey

Just what we need another baby affected by drug use through breast milk...

Journ... Journeysmama11

Kaerae, That's hilarious! I am a bit worried about this whole situation though...How is her son going to feel about his mom having another baby when he doesn't even get to live with his own mother?!

jalaz77 jalaz77

Yes. I knew that. I knew a girl who did it.

jalaz77 jalaz77

Oh and she won't BF, that takes dedication. She isn't dedicated to her first child so she won't be to this one.

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