7 Places You Should Never Bring Your Baby

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baby car seatAt one of my recent hair appointments, I walked into the salon, sat down in the chair to have my color done, looked at the woman seated in the chair next to me, and immediately cringed. No, my reaction had nothing to do with whatever the stylist was doing to her hair. It was the fact that she had her baby sitting in her lap that made me want to get up, walk over to the reception desk, and reschedule my appointment for another time. Because babies have no business being in a hair salon -- period.

Hold on, let me explain. Yes, babies are cute and I love babies just as much as anyone, but like every other mom I know, I value my "me" time, because I don't get very much of it, and I need to relax and unwind just as much as any parent. And I consider a trip to the salon highly coveted "me" time, so the last thing I want to see when I enter the salon is a baby, regardless of whose baby it is.

And yes, I realize that there are some babies who are really mellow and rarely cry, but those babies are still babies, and when I see one at the salon, I still sit there feeling stressed because I know he/she may start fussing for a whole host of reasons. Bottom line -- I don't deserve that kind of distraction during my "me" time, and neither does anyone else -- including the mom who brought the baby in the first place.

But hair salons aren't the only spots that are inappropriate for little ones. Here are six other places you should never take your baby.

  1. The spa -- How can anyone enjoy a pedicure with a baby in her lap?
  2. Upscale restaurants -- There are plenty of family-friendly joints where you can take your tot out to eat. Let the rest of us enjoy date nights, for crying out loud. (No pun intended.)
  3. Doctor's office -- Other than the OBGYN or pediatrician, please leave your baby at home. I'm already sick and I don't need to sit in the waiting room worrying that I'm going to infect your infant.
  4. The movies -- You know that "don't make noise and be courteous to others during the show" thing? Yeah, that applies to your baby too.
  5. Concerts -- This is one I just don't understand. I want to enjoy whatever music is being played instead of listening to your baby. And guess what? Your baby's ears hate loud music anyway.
  6. Zumba -- No, I'm not kidding. I've seen moms bring their babies to my local Zumba class and just leave them in the car seat while they shake it. So not cool.

Got it? Good. Do us all a favor and book a sitter next time.

What other places are inappropriate for babies?


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mompam mompam

Wow! I've taken my kids to quite a few on your list. What if you can barely afford the haircut? There was no way I was going to pay for a sitter. I also nursed during the movie when they were little.

xiolxuo xiolxuo

Sorry but you need to think of others. Everything changes after you have kids, you kinda need to get over it.

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

I don't think of a hair cut as me time. It's twenty minutes of necessary torture a couple of times a year. When my son was a baby I'd strap him in to the stroller, he'd fall asleep on the way to the salon, and he'd snooze in the waiting area until I was done.

japan... japanmommy

Yep, glad you get that "me" time but guess what, while hubby is deployed and I'm nowhere near family and need to go to a dr appt or get my hair cut or exercise the kids come with. Depending on the movie they come too same for the restaurant

nonmember avatar stella

Exactly ladies, I am a single mom just getting by and am not fortunate enough to afford a babysitter for "me" time. Come to think of it I actually enjoy having my child with me! I wouldn't ever bow down to anyone's demands that I am interrupting their time. The author needs to not be a jerk and be thankful for what she has and realize we all come from different lives and situations.

imamo... imamombygrace

Doctor's office? I'm 33 and had a stroke with the birth of my youngest. Seeing my internist is crucial to my health. I am one of the few that has no support system. No daycare takes one day clients and we have no one for babysitting....not even our parents. My DH tries to take off, but is in the medical field as well. He doesn't always have that luxury. Some of us have no choice! Btw, half if the things on the list would not bother me in the least. Wanting to get another appt b/c a child is in the room behaved sounds like an issue. with you, not the Mom.

Becky262 Becky262

I've also taken my babies to several places on this list. Sometimes sitters cancel at the last minute. And sorry I want to share cultural experiences with my kids (who are better manned than some adults in the restaurant) or god forbid I workout while the baby naps. Get over yourself.

Coles... Coles_mom

I agree with some of your places- If I'm willing to be "out" for the evening at a movie or dinner, then obviously I need to plan for a sitter...but at the salon or Dr's office- that's not "me" time- that's necessary stuff and usually can't find or afford a sitter. I only go to the salon once or twice a year, and I will try and find someone to watch my three (!) kids, but sometimes no one is available and I've had the appointment for a few weeks- I'm going. Sorry if my 20 minute haircut with a fussy baby ruins your day. Wait, no...I'm not.

Valerie Metzger

So, if I'm sick and very much in need of a doctor, I should stay at home because we have NO ONE to watch our child while my husband works 60 hour weeks? I'm sorry but that's ridiculous and selfish.

kelti... kelticmom

Wow! So while my husband is deployed, and I am in need of a haircut or a trip to the doctor, I should have to pay someone else to watch my child so that YOU are not inconvenienced??? What a b.i.t.c.h.

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