Strangers Donate Breast Milk to Twin Babies Orphaned After Mom Dies Unexpectedly

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feeding babyThis past weekend, a single mom from Portsmouth, New Hampshire named Corie Jabre went into the hospital with what she believed to be a terrible case of the flu, and tragically, she died shortly thereafter. It turns out Corie was battling a staph infection, which ultimately took her life at the age of only 30 years old.

And making Corie's story even sadder is that she's left behind four children, including twin 3 1/2-month-old boys, Liam and Brian.

Corie's family and friends are no doubt in a state of shock after her sudden passing, but one friend in particular, Barbara Martinez, knew she had to step in and try and help -- because Corie had been breastfeeding her twins.

Barbara logged onto a website, JPMoms, where she herself had donated breast milk in the past. She posted about the twins losing their mother, and she was amazed at the outpouring of support from other moms who are more than willing to help feed these two baby boys.

She said, "In one day I have 1,000 ounces of breast milk heading to my house. It’s incredible. It’s a gift you cannot get anywhere but from a mother’s love."

And now, thanks to the kindness of strangers in their community, little Liam and Brian will continue to get the nourishment they need to keep growing up healthy.

Gulp. Is this one of the most bittersweet things you've ever heard or what? It's so, so devastating that these poor babies lost their mother, and the circumstances of her death are just so random and unthinkable. But even though Corie's passing is beyond sad, it's hard not to be moved, uplifted, and inspired by this amazing community rallying around her twins to give them the help they so desperately need.

Hearing about what local moms are doing for those babies restores my faith in people truly wanting to reach out and offer kindness and assistance to others in their time of need -- even if they've never met them before. And it only proves even further just how much good moms can accomplish when we focus on supporting and helping one another -- something we all could improve on for sure.

Have you ever considered donating breast milk?


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Albond86 Albond86

My old neighbor is Corie's sister. I'm so saddened by the sudden passing but the amount of support and love going to her children after her passing is just AMAZING! I, myself am send a care package of items for the twins as well as he two other children.

nonmember avatar Rachel

I over produced during the first 3-4 months with my daughter and ended up freezing over a gallon of milk. I donated to a baby named Violet, who's mother died a couple months after her birth after being diagnosed with cancer during her pregnancy. As soon as I heard that this was something I could do, I never have it a second thought. I would do again in a heartbeat if I ever got the chance.

BigBl... BigBlue22

This is a wonderful gesture, but there's no way I'd give my baby unscreened breast milk from strangers! You have no idea what those women eat or drink, or medicines they take.

Heath... HeatherJo11

It isn't unscreened usually. It goes to a breastmilk bank first & is screened & passed on usually. I was like a dairy cow. In addition to freezing two freezers of milk. I donated quite a bit after the birth of my son to micro-preemies who really needed it. My son was a 27 week, under two pound baby, so it was close to my heart.

NoR_C... NoR_CaL_MoMmY

Amazing!! What a sad, sad story though :(

nonmember avatar Mandi

I donate through peer sharing (unscreened) groups like "Human Milk For Human Babies" and "Eats on Feets." These Mamas are donating milk for free. They breastfeed their own babies with this milk. They have nothing to gain and no motive to give bad milk. I always give permission for recipients to contact my doctor to answer basic health questions about my medical status. According to the World Health Organization, even if Mama has her own "Super Size Me" type thing going on, her milk is STILL healthier than artificial formula.

MrsEr... MrsErdos2011

Yes I have donated to one little girl. I was only able to donate enough for 4 days but it makes me feel good knowing I was able to help feed another baby other than my own

tuzituz tuzituz

this is great but im left with one question, since the mother sadly died from a staph infection couldnt some of that bacteria been passed to the twins thru her milk?

AirAura AirAura

tuzituz, actually one of the amazing things about breastmilk is that if you are sick, your body will make specific antibodies for your illness and pass them to the baby through your breasmilk so they have protection.  So, it's good to keep breastfeeding.

Esmee Mckee

What a beautiful and touching tale of Mamas who love babies! I have donated tons of breastmilk over the past few years, mostly to premies in the hospital whose mother's milk hasn't come in yet. Donating milk is a gift of love and a truly humbling.

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