Breastfeeding Mom Asked to 'Cover Up' in the Most Unbelievable Location

nursingEveryone has their personal views of where and how much a mom should show when breastfeeding her baby in public. And while I couldn't care less where a lady whips out her tatas to get her nurse on, I respect people's views. Full disclosure, when I was nursing my daughter, I didn't feel comfortable popping a breast out sans Hooter Hider when in public. That's just not my style. And even though, like I said, seeing a mom breastfeed in public doesn't weird me out, I understand how there are some places people would prefer women to cover up a bit. Like, I don't know, church. 

On the flip side, though, there are some places that should be an absolute breastfeeding free-for-all. Boobs out everywhere, without anyone as much as batting an eyelash. And Las Vegas is one of those places.

For those of you who have never been, let me describe Las Vegas for you: Boobs are out everywhere, without anyone as much as batting an eyelash. Oh, and ass, too. Pretty much any and all debauchery that can happen does happen in Vegas. For those of you who have been there, or who live within the confines of this fair city, can I get an amen?

The incident took place at a cafe in the Flamingo hotel, and since then, everything's been resolved. The hotel issued an apology, offered to pay for the woman's lunch, etc. etc. (It probably didn't hurt that the woman who was asked to stop nursing is a popular mom blogger, who took to the Internet to voice her frustrations.) But ... the irony of this is just ... there are no words; this is crazy!

Do people really feel more weirded out about a baby eating from its mom's boob than they do women walking around in g-strings and pasties? I mean, seriously. This woman was probably more covered up than lots of people in Vegas. For someone who works there -- someone who probably sees all sorts of freaky shit on a daily basis -- to ask a mama to put her boob away is ... Honestly, it's hilarious.

I'm glad everything was eventually put to rest, and that the woman who asked this mom to use a cover-up (yes, it was a woman) now knows that breastfeeding is okay to do in public in Vegas. "Don't mind the burlesque dancers thongs and strapless bras, everyone. It's the breastfeeding moms we're concerned with!"

Do you breastfeed without a cover-up in public?


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Roxanne Racocoa Aguilar

nothing wrong with breast feeding at all. i think its out of respect for the mom and baby to cover up. plus there are some crazy people out there you don't know what affect you have on them - some cannot control themselves if you know what i mean

nonmember avatar Mande

No I never covered my baby's face with a blanket. I don't eat with a blanket over my head neither do they. I live in New Orleans and during certain times of the year, yes boobs are everywhere. BUT it's still a fairly conservative city because of it's location in the ass of Dixie. I don't care. I'm one of those obnoxious mothers who does not care what you think I will pull out the boob anywhere. I think that's why no one has approached me yet. They sense that I don't give a crap and I will give you hell if you even try.

Prett... PrettyGirlMyers

I've spent a pretty decent amount of time in Vegas, and I'm not sure where the author is hanging out, but "Boobs are out everywhere, without anyone as much as batting an eyelash. Oh, and ass, too." is completely inaccurate. I have to wonder if she's actually even ever been there.

Just sayin.

Miriam Kennedy

When I lived in Vegas it was that the baby wasn't allowed a lot of places. Granted that was 25 years ago, but are there still a whole LOT of places that don't allow children period? When I was there it was not just casinos but all over the place(including hotels and restaurants).

nonmember avatar jenniefae

i am a breastfeeding mom, and it really disappoints me that so many people are grossed out by public nursing.

when my son was a newborn, i was cautious about feeding him publicly; i feared the disapproving looks from strangers. of course i fed him before leaving home, in hopes of avoiding the whole issue, but sometimes such plans won't suffice. i would use my nursing cover, even when my boy fought it and we struggled to maintain the latch that took many weeks to perfect. the cover made things terribly awkward, not to mention hot in the summer.

as a result, i gradually worked up the courage and comfort level to nurse as discreetly as is reasonably possible without using a cover. sure, there are a few moments i'm exposed when i lift my shirt before baby latches on, and then again when he pulls away or we have to reposition. i don't mind showing this, and i don't think anyone should mind seeing it, either. actually, i quite like the freedom of being allowed to feed him anywhere and appreciate my new-found confidence. few things are more natural in this world, and our culture should grow to view it in this way. as long as we have both onlookers who are disgusted or uncomfortable and moms who are overly embarrassed, we allow that belief system to persevere: that breasts are to be on display only if they are sexualized.

what can we do? onlookers should try to respect it, and reluctant moms should work on gaining a little more confidence.

nonmember avatar Elleozbourne

What about this? It happened in australia recently

Becca Anne

I'm on my third child, and by now trying to use a cover becomes redundant, especially when it's hot out and your child gets older, they don't keep a cover over them. Mom's shouldn't have to cover up anywhere. Ever. Even if the Mother has GIGANTIC boobs and the babies head is the same size as her nipples. We all have nipples and some guys breasts might not have mammary glands which are clearly hidden anyways in any breasts, but they have larger breasts then some women, and they don't have to cover up when walking down a street at least or at the beach, but I'd rather see a woman and her child nursing than man boobs walking around anyway.

nonmember avatar Rebecca

Wow i am beside myself that caera you actually refer to bfing as vomit inducing. how pathetic and just ignorant!! I bf my son who is almost 11mos anywhere anytime no cover!! I do this simply because it is more comfortable for both of us. Good for this mommy for standing up for her child and all bfing mothers. Incase its not obvious bfing was the only way to feed your child many years ago and there is a darn good reason they try so hard to reproduce breastmilk. no baby has died of breastmilk probably because they don't get recalled like formula.

Sam Burk

No one has even cared to ask why the hell this mom had a baby in a CASINO?! I don't care who breastfeeds or where,but that is odd.

mindy... mindyjane283

Soory but I use a cover.  my daughter fights it too no end but she and I just kinda fight it out and I still use to cover.  Period. I personally dont feel like flashin my boobs to the rest of the world.  Sorry those are for me, baby and hubby not the rest of the worlds people.

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