Breastfeeding Mom Asked to 'Cover Up' in the Most Unbelievable Location

nursingEveryone has their personal views of where and how much a mom should show when breastfeeding her baby in public. And while I couldn't care less where a lady whips out her tatas to get her nurse on, I respect people's views. Full disclosure, when I was nursing my daughter, I didn't feel comfortable popping a breast out sans Hooter Hider when in public. That's just not my style. And even though, like I said, seeing a mom breastfeed in public doesn't weird me out, I understand how there are some places people would prefer women to cover up a bit. Like, I don't know, church. 

On the flip side, though, there are some places that should be an absolute breastfeeding free-for-all. Boobs out everywhere, without anyone as much as batting an eyelash. And Las Vegas is one of those places.

For those of you who have never been, let me describe Las Vegas for you: Boobs are out everywhere, without anyone as much as batting an eyelash. Oh, and ass, too. Pretty much any and all debauchery that can happen does happen in Vegas. For those of you who have been there, or who live within the confines of this fair city, can I get an amen?

The incident took place at a cafe in the Flamingo hotel, and since then, everything's been resolved. The hotel issued an apology, offered to pay for the woman's lunch, etc. etc. (It probably didn't hurt that the woman who was asked to stop nursing is a popular mom blogger, who took to the Internet to voice her frustrations.) But ... the irony of this is just ... there are no words; this is crazy!

Do people really feel more weirded out about a baby eating from its mom's boob than they do women walking around in g-strings and pasties? I mean, seriously. This woman was probably more covered up than lots of people in Vegas. For someone who works there -- someone who probably sees all sorts of freaky shit on a daily basis -- to ask a mama to put her boob away is ... Honestly, it's hilarious.

I'm glad everything was eventually put to rest, and that the woman who asked this mom to use a cover-up (yes, it was a woman) now knows that breastfeeding is okay to do in public in Vegas. "Don't mind the burlesque dancers thongs and strapless bras, everyone. It's the breastfeeding moms we're concerned with!"

Do you breastfeed without a cover-up in public?


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DaniS74 DaniS74

OMG... LOL... I'm gonna leave my persona views out of this because the opportunity here is just too good to pass up...



That is all.

Mary Winter

I have to disagree with boobs and ass everywhere in Vegas....on the strip, then maybe yes, but in every other part of Vegas? Nope.

I think that how we describe breastfeeding needs to change. I'm so sick of reading, "whipping out" or "flinging out" a boob. Can we not describe it in any other way?? I don't "whip" out my breast people....If we want people to think that breastfeeding is natural and nurturing maybe we should describe it better.

To answer the question though....I nurse with or without a cover. Depends on the setting and how tolerant my daughter is being. As long as she's fed and happy, that's all that matters!

nonmember avatar Michelle

I never nursed in public. I would have been waaaaay too flustered, and that wouldn't have been good for me, or the baby. I nursed at home, and used a bottle in public. I was just too bashful to even try. But for women who can: I say go for it!

Brittiny Marie

i nursed my 2nd daughter anywhere and i nurse my 3rd daughter anywhere. even in the county jail when her father was temporarily in there. i dont use a blanket it messes with her feeding. i wear a v-neck tank top underneath n a baggy t shirt on top. that way i can pull one up one down n everything is covered. as for other ppl i learned if u look them in the eye they usually look away quickly.

Amy Johnson Mckinney

My question is why would you even be in vegas with a child that needs to be nursed?!?! Vegas is NOT a place for children, its not Disney World.

Heath... HeatherJo11

Pretty ironic. Considering its vegas. Prostitution is legal there, right? I dunno. I just think I'd be pretty irate if a manager came & told me my breastfeeding child was making people uncomfortable. A screaming baby would make EVERYONE unhappy & uncomfortable. I know as my baby got older, he would flip out when I tried to cover him up. It was more of a scene than just forgoing it alltogether. As long as its done somewehat tactfully, you should be able to breast feed anywhere.

nonmember avatar diana m. lyons

I feel very strong on this subject i not only nursed my kids into toddlerhood but became an accredited expert on the subject i recommend looking up the leading and still considered by the american academy of pediatric the world health organization and basically every organization protecting babys and mothers heath the ametican phyicians ass. are required to attend workshop designed for doctors when i was teaching. workshops to health care professionals nurses are required to attend at least 4 of our group meetings the group is called la leche league and in this country and almost every country on earth we are considered the leading and formost authority on breastfeeding but let me tell you something i never used a bottle with my kids so where ever me and terry were with the kids i nursed them but i encouraged discretion at all times by teaching yourself to nurse without showing your breast i nursed every and not once did anyone see my breast people that just flop it out must have issuses because it is not nessicery to show yourself if anyone ever seen my breast in public they were making an effort to do so any questions on how to succeed at breastfeefing or how to do it decreetly anywhere contact me directly or google la leche league international

Amanda Lee Key

breastfeeding is good for the baby but for god sake cover up thats ment to be private expecially when there is children around seriously

nonmember avatar Mandi

I go out of my way to nurse in public ESPECIALLY if children are around. The number one concern of Mamas-to-be about breastfeeding is nursing in public. MANY Mamas don't breastfeed at all or give up LONG before the World Health Organization's two year recommendation because they don't want to deal with this issue. Medical evidence has shown repeatedly that formula increases babies' risk of SIDS. That means babies are DYING because our society has over-sexualized breasts. I am PROUD to contribute to the normalization of breastfeeding (and milk-sharing!) and alienation of formula.

babyb... babybluejess12

Using the excuse there are children around is stupid. My son was breastfed and he was 6 & 9 when I had my daughters he has witness me feeding them both. He doesn't even wink an eye he continues to play his game, do his homework etc. If raise your kids that it's a woman's right to feed their child and the main function of the woman's mammary glands aka breasts, boobs etc are for feeding their babies then your children will not give two shits

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