Breastfeeding Mom Asked to 'Cover Up' in the Most Unbelievable Location

nursingEveryone has their personal views of where and how much a mom should show when breastfeeding her baby in public. And while I couldn't care less where a lady whips out her tatas to get her nurse on, I respect people's views. Full disclosure, when I was nursing my daughter, I didn't feel comfortable popping a breast out sans Hooter Hider when in public. That's just not my style. And even though, like I said, seeing a mom breastfeed in public doesn't weird me out, I understand how there are some places people would prefer women to cover up a bit. Like, I don't know, church. 

On the flip side, though, there are some places that should be an absolute breastfeeding free-for-all. Boobs out everywhere, without anyone as much as batting an eyelash. And Las Vegas is one of those places.

For those of you who have never been, let me describe Las Vegas for you: Boobs are out everywhere, without anyone as much as batting an eyelash. Oh, and ass, too. Pretty much any and all debauchery that can happen does happen in Vegas. For those of you who have been there, or who live within the confines of this fair city, can I get an amen?

The incident took place at a cafe in the Flamingo hotel, and since then, everything's been resolved. The hotel issued an apology, offered to pay for the woman's lunch, etc. etc. (It probably didn't hurt that the woman who was asked to stop nursing is a popular mom blogger, who took to the Internet to voice her frustrations.) But ... the irony of this is just ... there are no words; this is crazy!

Do people really feel more weirded out about a baby eating from its mom's boob than they do women walking around in g-strings and pasties? I mean, seriously. This woman was probably more covered up than lots of people in Vegas. For someone who works there -- someone who probably sees all sorts of freaky shit on a daily basis -- to ask a mama to put her boob away is ... Honestly, it's hilarious.

I'm glad everything was eventually put to rest, and that the woman who asked this mom to use a cover-up (yes, it was a woman) now knows that breastfeeding is okay to do in public in Vegas. "Don't mind the burlesque dancers thongs and strapless bras, everyone. It's the breastfeeding moms we're concerned with!"

Do you breastfeed without a cover-up in public?


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Sarah Elaine Freed

anything to sexualize breasts nowadays, because they are for men not babies remember? lol just kidding for all u who didnt see my sarcasm.

a.korz a.korz

At first the thought of breastfeeding was alien with my first kid and I laughed a lot when I tried and tried and the little life refused to nurse. My second one went way better and now with my third on the way I have more.confidence to be able to feed anywhere. In NY there's a law stating woman can walk around topless (but you never see it and yes it is real) so I'm just going to wait and see if anyone discourages me from feeding my baby in public. That law will be brought up for sure.

indig... indig0rose

i breastfed without a cover in very public places with my firstborn. I got plenty of dirty looks and disgusted comments. The difference is i know my rights as a breast feeding mom. I am legally allowed to walk around topless in my state if i so chose. I dont care what anyone else thinks. If my baby is hungry, i will feed him. Anyone with a problem with it should walk away. I have just as much right to be wherever i chose as they do. And honestly i have seen some pretty disgusting things in my day. The woman that digs her panties out of her crotch is ok to have around? or the booger digging man across the room. How about the giant billboard of womens bra that are barely there? i am discreet out of courtesy of others but dont u dare try and tell me feeding my child is gross. Think about the chemicles formula companies are pumping into ur kid b4 u try to judge me. At least i know EXACTLY what my baby is eating, do u?

nonmember avatar Erin Higgins

I've actually told someone to piss off when they complained to me about nursing my baby in a restaurant, I did have a cover-up over me as well. She said she thought it was inappropriate seeing as there were children present. I told her that nobody was looking, except her , and nobody was making her look either, and she needed to go on somewhere and mind her own business! Don't like it, don't look! Problem solved...

nonmember avatar Amanda

I Nursed both of my children and intend to nurse my 3rd but i do not want to see another womans breast while im eating or doing anything in public. Covering up is really not that hard and how uncomfortable for the people sitting next to them. I nurse in public but i really feel uncomfortable when im with my husband and a woman is full f

rosa05 rosa05

i usually covered up when i could. but once when i was on the subway my daughter got hungry, i had to feed her THEN. not just because she was hungry, but because i was in pain from not feeding or pumping for so long. we were in the back shaded part if the train car, & my fiancee was sitting next to me, but we were also facingpretty much the entire car. fortunately for me everyone who did happen to notice just smiled & turned looked away until we were done

looki... looking4mychild

Indig0rose, while I tend to agree with you, it's spelled 'chemicals'. I was raised that people tend to respect more what you have to say when you speak clearly, and what you write when you spell correctly. Just saying.

That being said, I cover up in public when i BF because my boobies are for myself, my munchkin and my man. Not necessarily in that order. But bottom line was they weren't there for everyone else to see. But that doesn't mean that i expected other BF moms to. How people feel about their bodies and what they choose to do (or not do) with them is none of my business.

Johnny Buller

It is possible to breast-feed a baby without exposing yourself. My ex-wife would cover herself and the baby with a baby blanket draped over them.

wamom223 wamom223

I never breast fed in public, ever.  We weren't that great at it and I wasn't comfortable making other people uncomfortable.  This whole 'I will feed my baby when they are hungry and you need to deal with it' attitude from some breastfeeding women is weird to me.  I was told to have my son on a feeding schedule so we made sure not to over feed him and I was encouraged to keep a chart noting how often we fed and for how long.  Every woman I have ever known that fed on demand has had an over weight baby, just sayin.'  I have know some amazing breast feeding mom's that can do it anywhere and you don't even notice and have known some mom's that use it as an excuse to show off their ta ta's  (stop acting like those women aren't out there because they are.)  I just think we should stop making  such a big deal about it every time someone complains that you are breast feeding  because it is not having the desired effect.  Since this started I've heard more people against public breastfeeding than for it so maybe we need to think of a better way to deal with this that wont alienate people.  And you people might not like to hear it but Ceara is entitled to her opinion, she is allowed to be grossed out just like you are allowed to think its beautiful. 

Corie Ring

I have only nursed in a dark movie theater (and in a dressing room at a store)....I make sure that my baby is fed before I go somewhere and make sure I am home before she is hungry again (my current baby has not had a bottle yet and I don't intend on giving her one either). nursing moms get too much crap from people from nursing in public that it makes me leery to do it....BUT, if my baby was hungry, I would either cover her up or make sure my breast was not very exposed....I love nursing my kids-its natural and breast is best.

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