Bugaboo Stroller Recall: 7 Things You Need to Know

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BugabooUh oh! The company that gave us $1,000 strollers is pulling some 50,000 of them off the market this week. Bugaboo is recalling both its Donkey and Cameleon models after reports of handles that detach -- putting the babies inside them at risk of falling or choking!

It's a scary recall affecting everyday moms and celebrities alike (Bethenny Frankel is among the moms who's been spotted with a Bugaboo), but don't freak. Here's everything you need to know to keep your baby safe!

1. Despite 58-some reports of handles detaching, there have been no reports of actual injuries to kids. The recall is being done because that risk exists when a button detaches on the handle of the carrycot/seat.

2. The recall involves only some of the Cameleon and Donkey models. To find out if yours is included, look for the fabric tag on the side of the sun canopy where you'll find the model name. You'll also need to find the serial number printed on the stroller's chassis, located under the carrycot/seat.

3. The Bugaboo Cameleon strollers recalled include: Serial Number 04011090900001 to 04031101009999, Serial Number 08011090900001 to 08021100800386, and Serial Number 140100093600531 to 140103123350418.

4. The Bugaboo Donkey strollers recalled include: Serial Number 170101105300001 to 170104130900500.

5. The affected strollers have been sold at nationwide retailers and online, some as far back as September 2009, so hand-me-down models should be checked as well.

6. Parents should cease use of the handle on the carrycot/seat immediately, but use of the stroller itself has been deemed safe while you await a replacement handle.

7. To apply for your handle, call Bugaboo International 800-460-2922, from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. PT Monday through Friday. You can also fill out an application for a new handle at the Bugaboo website or email the company at serviceus@bugaboo.com.

Is your baby strolling in a Bugaboo?


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Curllyq Curllyq

They missed the REAL #1.  You spent way too much for something you'll use for a year or two.  How exactly did you get duped into thinking this was necessary??

MNMOr... MNMOrange

I love my bugaboo. It was worth every penny, good for them for fixing the problem early 

mommy... mommyof5cutties

$1000 is a lot for a stroller... but every mom knows a good stroller is worth every penny. Mist expensive stroller I bought was close to $300 and it was a double stroller... but if you guess I only used it maybe 2 years. $300 is a lot of cash in my house but I still feel it was so worth it... $1000 for one stroller??? Not in my house... and not in anyone's I know. I know a much better way to spend a grand... on bills lol.

Elcin Schipp

I paid 1500 dollars on my donkey,extras and 2nd seat.And i love it,makes it so much easier for me to stroll around the city.I deserve it..

cooki... cookinmommyof1

I realize every mom is different and all, but I think women who spend $1200-$1600 on a STROLLER are nuts.

nonmember avatar L

I love my Cam3, and it was worth every penny. For me it was important to have a stroller that parent-faced, and important to have a stroller that could do that and tackle crappy Texas sidewalks, and also fold down compact enough to travel with me anywhere. With the medical issues I have, it's wonderful to have a stroller that pushes so lightly. I did do some smart shopping and saved about 15%, but I will be able to resell it when we're done and get at least 50% back. We save money by cloth diapering, and we'll save money by owning a product that can be resold later instead of one that can only resell for 20% of it's purchase price. :) I think it's all in how you see things, upfront cost - upfront cost for cloth diapers is so much more than disposables, but will save MUCH more money over time - and the same goes for a nice stroller that can be resold easily. It does suck that there's a recall, but hopefully it's handled smoothly and I am so grateful no babies have been hurt!

Torra... TorranceMom

I love my Bugaboo. Worth every penny . . .

nonmember avatar wendy

i am not happy with bugaboo cameleon 3 stroller, underbag looks like a rolled up taco shelf and it looks tacky. i will not recommen the bugaboo at all. this is my 2nd bugaboo and the old one handles better, i think bugaboo went cheap on materials. any sugestions? feel free to email me at sofiarebecca@aol.com thanks

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