10 Photos Every Mom Needs to Take of Her Kids

mom taking photosPeople with grownup kids love to tell those of us with little ones that "it goes so fast." And you know what? They're right. In a flash, they go from sleeping infant to smart-talking 7-year-old, and there's only one way to hold on to childhood: get a camera and start snapping.

Only now you wonder, what photos do you take? Is there a way to capture it all? The answer, quite simply, is no. BUT there are a number of key photos parents absolutely must take of their kids! These are the pictures you'll look back on in years to come and be able to flash back in time.

We've already covered 10 of them here at The Stir -- from the naked baby butt to the bath shot. But as a mom and professional photographer both, I know 10 isn't enough! So here are 10 more of the photos you're going to want to capture!

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We've got everything from whispering in Santa's ear to "driving" and beyond. Mark 'em down on a list somewhere because you don't want to miss these.photos mom

Tell us -- do you have all these shots? Which is your favorite?


Images via © iStock.com/DaydreamsGirl; Sheri Reed

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MrsYo... MrsYoung1287

Don't forget when their sleeping, They look so cute and peaceful. I have all but two pics off the list. And my favorite is my son (maybe a year old) sitting on grandpas tractor dressed in camo and sunglasses :)

Proud... ProudMama19317

What gorgeous children, and what a nice array of shots!  It made me realize that I might be missing a few in my collection...thank you, Ms. Sager!

bingo... bingogurl

I love taking photos of all my kids in unexpected moments, but the moment I enjoy the most are of my 5yr when he falls asleep in weird places. I've got so many since he was born. its going to be a major collage in his scrapbook. 

Alleah Marie Poirier

LOVE LOVE LOVE the new slideshow feature! Thank you for getting rid of that godawful setup you had before! Also, my faves are the eating pictures... something about teensy fingers shovelling noms into chubby ittle cheeks is just too adorable to me!

Phyll... PhyllisGB

I'm not offended but with a special needs kid, well, some of these won't fly.  :(  On a brighter note, my daughter NEVER made a mess eating EVER.  Because eating just wasn't her thing.  :/  And my daughter wasn't washable until age 2.  Okay, I'll stop now.  :P

Nicole Renee Kundrat

I had to have the "on the tummy in the bathtub" picture, the potty training picture, and the sleeping pic. And dress up. And when they don't know you're watching. It's fun to catch them in the bear cave, or concentrating on drawing/coloring/writing.

gamma4 gamma4

Also NEVER DELETE a pik you take of youe child....especially don't do it immediately!!! No that may not be the shot you wanted to take...I e they moved ..someone else moved...just not what you wanted to take....wait a couple weeks look at the piks again you will see something you didn't notice when you took it

gamma4 gamma4

One of the best piks ever taken of my two children with my niece the photographer want to delete and retake....they were all three sitting in a row for the shot...whatever was done to have them smile....with my niece in center they started to lqugh which caused my two on outsides to lean back and forward just as pik was taken....that pik ....WAS our children being themselves...could not havr MADE yhem

gamma4 gamma4

Could not have MADE them do it...was perfect...when photog said oh they moved we will just tetake this one my mother and I screamed no at same time lol

gamma4 gamma4

Get generation shots

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