Babysitter Who Refused to Give Baby Back to Mother Was Just Doing Her Job

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carseatShould a child care worker ever hand over a baby to a drunk parent? A New Year's Eve fight broke out over that question when a "highly intoxicated" mother attempted to pick up her 2-month-old baby from a babysitter. She attacked two other people and was later arrested.

This was not just an argument, either. The mother hit one of the victims several times in the face, arms, and chest, and the second victim in the face. I don't know where the baby was during this fight, but I just hope he or she was a safe distance from this altercation and not in one of the victims' arms. I guess I'd have to hear more about the story to really say ... but maybe it was a good call not to let the baby go home with the mother?

I can imagine the mama-bear rage that would be unleashed if a sitter refused to hand over a baby. I'm sure the mother was outraged (and maybe a little embarrassed) to be told she was too drunk to take her baby. And then of course there's that lingering threat hanging over that accusation -- if you're too drunk to take your baby home, maybe you're a lousy mother. Maybe you're a total screw-up in life.

I don't know if the mother was driving, either. I would feel less nervous about sending a baby home with a drunk mother if I knew she at least had a safe way to get home. (I would still feel uneasy, though.) But if I knew she was getting behind the wheel of a car with that baby? No way. Better to suffer the mom's wrath than to let an accident happen.

People in that state can become irrational -- and dangerous. But what if the mother wasn't really that drunk? What if it was just a bad judgement call? I don't know that I'm completely comfortable with the idea of a sitter being in the position to make that call. I've come home to a sitter after parties or dinners where I did have something to drink. I don't like getting drunk in the first place, so I've never been in that position. But I think I'd get kind of defensive if I came home a little "happy" and was then accused of being unfit to stay with my baby. 

I guess when in doubt, the sitters should call the police. But what are you supposed to do while you wait for them to arrive? For all I know, that's what these two people did, and the fight broke out while they were waiting for the police to arrive and make the call. Still, you could look at it this way: These two people may have saved a baby's life.

Do you think a babysitter should refuse to hand over a child to their parent if they suspect the parent is drunk?


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Tiffany Kaiser

I think that the sitter did the right thing and i would have done the same. I think that it should become a law.

cherylam cherylam

absolutely... the babysitter did the right thing.  if Mom was that concerned about her baby, maybe she shouldn't have gotten so tanked the babysitter felt she had to refuse to give the baby back.

Sweet... Sweet_Carol_126

It has to be more than suspect the person is drunk but there should be indications, such as smelling like booze or being shakey on her feet.  Babysitter was taking a chance but not with the child. She may not be hired again by the parent.  The mother may feel different when she sobers up, too.  Glad it wasn't my decision.  But other people may want her for a sitter as she sounds as though she is a good sitter.

train... trainlady

The alternative is send the child home with an unstable mother who may be drunk and when she gets home with the baby, she sets it down or lays it in the crib and then sits down and passes out for hours and hours and no one there to take care of the baby. It could dry all night or get tangled in its blanket or clothes or any number of things could happen. This child is only two months old and it doesn't take much to harm it. I think the babysitter did the precautionary thing and called the police and left the decision in their hands. To me this is the correct thing to do.

Amanda Packer Streeter

So many of you act like judgmental monsters! The writer even admitted that she did not know the whole story. If mom was trashed, then good for the babysitter for protecting the baby! If more people gave a damn, this world would be a better place, HOWEVER, this may not be the truth of the story! All of you being disgusted over the fact that this mom went out drinking while having a 2 month old, GET OVER YOURSELFS!!!!! It was New Years! She just spent 9 months not being allowed to do anything and i think she is entitled to go out and enjoy herself. I have 2 babies and every now and then i let my hair down, but no matter whether sober or trashed, i'd need someone to restrain me if i was told i couldn't have my children!!! Until more information is presented, get off your soap boxes and come back down to earth with the rest of us peons!

rusty... rusty2rusty

Nope, it a mother is drunk. The sitter should keep the child til morning. The sitter should have discussed the possiblities with the parent before hand. That way everything is covered.

handy... handy0318

Amanda, did you even read the article?  The police confirmed that the woman was highly intoxicated.  She was drunk and a mean enough drunk to physically assult her babysitter.  Sometimes some common sense judgement is needed, especially when a helpless baby's well being is on the line.

Nothing wrong with a mom going out and tying one on as long as she leaves the baby with a responsible person, which this mom did.  So responsible that she didn't give up the responsibilty when it was clear the mother was highly intoxicated and in no shape to care for a 2 month old.

Sarah Elaine Freed

Did you seriously post about a babysitter who may or may not have kept a baby from a woman who may or may not have hit her or drove or whatever? because this sounds like nobody here knows anything about this story! this isnt a post, its just saying 'i heard this may or may not have happened!' wtf?

Sewsofun Sewsofun

If she WASN'T drunk, the mother would have called the police herself I'm sure. Death averted.

120177 120177

 I'm all for the babysitter. I think she did her job to keep the baby safe and did the rite thing to call police dep. for help. What if she got home with baby and drink more and roll over on top of her kill her. The babysitter told the police officer that she was drunk and wanted to take the baby home and the babysitter said no. I give the babysitter a thumbs up I wish we had more babysitter like her around!!!!!

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