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breastfeeding t-shirtWhen Claire Danes shared that she was afraid she was going to leak breastmilk all over her Versace gown during the Golden Globes many of us could totally relate. To the breastmilk leaking part, not the Versace or Golden Globes part. I remember when it happened to me at a very inopportune time. I was interviewing a candidate for a position and had pushed back my pumping time to fit it in. While talking to her I felt it. Slightly warm, then a little cool, a puddle of sorts accumulating on my nursing pad. A nursing pad I wanted to wring out in order to save every last drop because this is liquid gold and I had twins to feed and every drop was an important drop.

Claire Danes didn't leak for the world to see. And I didn't wring out my breast pads. But I did get some crazy stories from breastfeeding moms who had some breastmilk leak or squirt out at a really bad time. Check out their funny stories.

It happened to me at work. After my son was born and I went back to work in the deli, every day I'd have a wet shirt under my apron, which didn't cover it up very well. I took to stuffing paper towels into my bra to try and sop it up. My husband used to drive the 20 minutes and bring my son to the store for me to nurse during my breaks, but I still had overflow. -Joye

At my son's BAPTISM! TADA! Right in the middle. I overproduced like CRAY CRAY. I used breast pads and everything. And they leaked RIGHT THROUGH. Thank goodness I had on a sweater set and I could button up my sweater until the baptism was over. -Marj

Oh gosh. I once leaked through all my layers, both sides, right before walking into a crowded business training. Many people made eye contact with me, including the workshop presenter. -Nathalie

Quite soon after Scarlett was born, I treated myself to an early morning pedicure. I got very ... relaxed. Afterwards, I had some extra time, so I thought maybe I'd get a half hour massage at the place right across from the nail salon. When I went in and asked for an appointment, the lady looked at me kind of weird but said okay. It wasn't until after I sat down that I finally felt the wetness. I looked down to two HUGE wet spots getting bigger by the second. Thank goodness I was wearing a coat. I pulled it closed and left without saying a word. -Leah

It was one of my first post-birth outings and we had my husband's cousins' wedding to attend. My sister watched our newborn when my we went and I started leaking the minute I walked out of the house. I had on breast pads but thought it should be fine. Well, I ended up filling those to the point where I had to take them off. I put some paper towels in their place, but leaked right through those. You can see my wet spots in all the photos of me at that wedding. -Jen

My breastmilk squirted all over my husband while we were having sex. -Becky

I was breastfeeding my child and the doorbell rang, so I stopped and went to the door to see who it was. It was UPS. Not only was I leaking, but I forgot to pull my shirt down all the way. He noticed. I pretended I didn't.  -Erin

Wow! Which one do you think is most embarrassing? Have you ever had your breasts leak at a bad time?


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MamaL... MamaLioness2012

I have not only squirted my husband's ear during sex but when I went back to work, a co-worker (who was a seasoned father) was joking that I better not hear a baby cry or I'd he starts making baby cries and despite the fact I knew it was an adult "crying" I still started to leak and had to dry my shirt under the hand dryer in the bathroom, I still had stains all day though!

jalaz77 jalaz77

I had a friend who said when her hubby was messing with her boobs he got a drink of milk. He said he didn't say anything to her until after they were done having sex cause he knew she would put a bra back on since he is a boob man he kept quiet. She felt so bad, he said yup it is sweet. Haha. I really don't have any for me, thank goodness.

rayeo... rayeofmoonlight

2 weeks after my son was born I was a bridesmaid in my best friend's wedding. If you look closely at the pictures it's obvious I had breastmilk leaking on my bridesmaid's dress.

mamah... mamahaymaker

I have more than my share of leaking stories, but my worst is a pumping story.  After my son was born, I returned back to college right away.  Would I leak during class?  Yes, but one day on my break, sitting in my car pumping, I couldn't figure out why the guy in the next car kept staring at me.  Then, I realized that my cover up was not doing its job and he was watching not only my boob, but my breast pump emptying it.  I tried to play it off with a smile, but I was mortified.

nonmember avatar Todd Vrancic

I can't say I have had any happen to me, wonder what's wrong? Maybe because I'm a guy.

nonmember avatar Kay.lindsey

My son was 6 months and it was the first time spending hours away from him other than work. My best friend and i were going shopping a couple hours away from home and I didnt think to bring my pump. I was so engorged and on the verge of leaking through. I went in the dressing room and hand expressed into a shopping bag, then tied it off and tossed it in the trash. I had to do it again in the car and totally turned my friend away from ever wanting to think about bfing her kids.

Caera Caera

So unbelievably disgusting. Blech.

teddy... teddysmama09

When my son was four months old i was in a fashion show. I was wearing a very expensive ensemble and the music was starting to play for us to walk onto the runway. Suddenly I felt that all so horrible let down and before i even looked down i knew what was happening. I ran to my purse where i just happened to have one of sons hats and stuffed it into my bra. Thank goodness the outfit had a blazer, but it was super thin material. I had to keep my eyes straight as i walked out into the blinding lights and camera flashes, all the while hoping to God I wasn't strutting the cat walk with two huge saucers on my boobs.  Thankgoodness I didn't leak through the blazer, but i was so embaressed to tell the director about the shirt! She seemed cool with it, but i still decided to take that moment to humbly take my exit from the fashion stage!

lustfull lustfull

my daughter was about 8 months and id been trying to breastfeed for months and ended up supplimenting as well as breastfeedng so when i went to work one night(its an eght hour shift) didnt wear the pads.i just ddntn think id need them cause i was never full or anythng,
at about 1am(my shft s 10pm6am)  started to leak and i wear a black shift so you could compleatly manger thankfully is a woman)but she acted a little weird when talking to me  and then qickyl ignored it and just talked....apparently  was found out and had to quickly dry m shirt under the hand drier and with towels...

nonmember avatar jenn

I was at work when I was about 6 months pregnant and heard a newborn cry. I felt this really weird feeling, yep I had leaked! my coworkers found it quite amusing but I was so embarrassed. After my son was born all I had to do was drop my arms to my sides quickly to have a stream shoot out. My hubby once measured the distance....5 feet was the record haha.

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