Dad Uses a Power Tool to Rock His Baby & He Loves It (VIDEO)

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baby drill seatSo remember that one episode of Sex and the City where Miranda finally figures out that the only thing that works to comfort her colicky baby (Maybe Brendan was the kid's name? Steve? No, that was the dad, I think) is one of those vibrating baby seats? Phew! As any mom can tell you, those things are indeed the most magical, wondrous inventions ever for a mom with tired arms and feet who just needs a break from bouncing that crying baby for five minutes -- one minute! Long enough to brush your teeth, for the love of god!

Unfortunately for Miranda, the batteries on that baby seat burned out almost immediately. Fortunately for Samantha, who was babysitting at the time, she happened to have a vibrator handy (of course), and, well, she improvised an on-the-spot repair to remember. Two-month-old Benjamin's daddy had a similar idea. He just used a different, um, tool to get the job done.

Benjamin's daddy used a very different sort of power tool to get his baby's buzz on: An electric drill! Now, naturally this method is not meant to be implemented without supervision (in other words, please don't leave your kid alone with a power drill and then blame this baby's dad when something goes wrong). But it's still impressive! And appropriate enough to use when Grandma comes over. Talk about a buzzkill ... just watch:

Seriously, Benjamin's smile is so unbelievably sweet I think I could watch that video over and over again all day long. And luckily, since his seat is powered by a drill and not a vibrator, this counts as all-ages viewing (my kids thought it was adorable, too!).

Did or does your baby have a bouncy seat? Could you ever live without it?!


Image via Andrew Tsai/YouTube

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mommy... mommyof5cutties

Seems only a bit dangerous lol.. yeah you won't catch me doing that in my house... I guess if your right there... but even then I wouldn't recommend it.

Jespren Jespren

I'm 3 babies in and a vibrating bouncy chair is about my only 'must have' for infancy (and a good ring sling)! My 2nd's favorite chew toy when she was teething was a back massager which vibrated, it had a charger it sat on and she was constantly stealing it to chew on.

Jespren Jespren

But also, those seats do use up batteries like they're going out of style.

Mommi... MommietoJB

Yes, and I wouldnt be able to live with out it.

EvaSa... EvaSamuel

My son always fell asleep to the sound of the hair dryer or the KitchenAid mixer. 

nonmember avatar dana

Yes, I have two, one is in storage and the other's only function is a napper of I'm away for a while (read 3+ hours) or I need somewhere to put him down for a few minutes. Or I need to make a number two. Sorry, TMI but there toy go. We already got rid of his swing, and pacifier, he wasn't into a lot of normal baby things.

nonmember avatar S

His name was Brady..

nonmember avatar Mandy

Unfortuantely my daughter hated hers -.-

TheMrsG TheMrsG

The bouncy seat and swing were must haves.  I think it's too cute.  Daddy is right there if something goes wrong so I don't see the harm.  Way to go daddy!

Frank... Frankies71

The first option was too funny and inventive. I have twins and these seats were a God-send! The car seat one, I will admit, looks a little more dangerous. His little foot was awful close to the drill and those things can get HOT! Thanks for the laugh, though!

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