It Seems Kate Middleton Would Rather Have a Servant Than a Nanny

Kate Middleton pregnantThe latest royal baby rumor (or fact? who even knows anymore?) is that Kate Middleton, Duchess of Fetuses, and Prince William have placed an ad for a servant. Not a nanny. Not a doula. Not a baby nurse. But a servant. (A servant who will literally do anything they need -- the supposed ad that was placed after the jump!)

If you ask me, that's hands-down totally the way to go. What a mom needs after she gives birth is someone to clean her toilet, not watch her newborn.

As you may or may not have heard, reports swirling around are claiming that the Duke and Duchess are planning on breaking the tradition of hiring a royal nanny in favor of a royal servant(s?). The Evening Standard is reporting that an ad has even been placed already, in hopes that the royal couple will find the perfect person to cater to their every non-baby whim after Kate gives birth. The Standard writes:

Apparently, the couple -- who are expecting their first child together -- want a "discreet, loyal, and reliable" person to help clean and maintain their apartment in Kensington Palace and the successful candidate will also be expected to undertake tasks like cooking, driving, and acting as a personal assistant.

The internal advertisement lists major housekeeping duties as polishing silver and glasses and making sure "all areas of the residence are cleaned and maintained to a high standard at all times".

Whoever gets the job will also need to rustle up simple meals, do the couple’s laundry, and exercise the Palace’s dogs.

Yes. While the job description may sound a tad excessive to us commoners, this is exactly what parents need after having a baby: People cleaning their home; cooking them meals; walking their dogs, etc. Obviously, most of us can't afford such a luxury, but if the money were there, it'd certainly be well-spent.

Taking care of the baby is the easy part (okay, it's totally not), the rest is where things get tricky. The most helpful visitors are the ones who come with hot meals, or ask if you need the trash taken out on their way out. I got so many adorable outfits and toys for my daughter from kind visitors after she was born, but one of the best things of all is when my sister brought three gigantic trays of food and a box of diapers. That was heaven.

If Kate and Wills are hiring someone to tend to everything but the baby, I think that's awesome. And if I had the money to have silver trinkets strewn about my house, you best believe I'd do the same.

Did you have any help after giving birth?


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femal... femaleMIKE

I would like to hire a chef that makes only healthy delicious meals.  Probably won't happen.

Coles... Coles_mom

You're telling me they don't already have housekeepers and drivers? This sounds silly- I KNOW she doesn't clean the toilets as it is and every time you see them in public, they're in the back of the car with a chauffeur.

nonmember avatar Megan

I think this sounds great and refreshingly normal. I had 2 people who did this exact stuff for me for 6 weeks after i had my son. I was really lucky. They're called my mother and mother in law.


All women need a "wife".

Mocha... MochaCocoaBean

I find it hard to believe they do not already have such personnel already. And I really don't think they would advertise to the general public, I'm sure this is a you have to know someone who knows someone who REALLY knows someone kind of situation.

randamda randamda

I'd rather have people taking care of my house than my kid. I think she is going to make a great mom if she wants to spend all her time with baby. I wish I could have with mine.

nonmember avatar marlio

I think she is going to need 3-4 house keepers and a part or full time nanny, or at least one that will be on call all the time.

cdjak cdjak

I had my wonderful husband, who made sure I didn't have to lift a finger cooking or cleaning while I was recovering from childbirth.


nonmember avatar Samantha

This sounds like a wonderful idea. I think i might just keep it in mind. And keep it in mind as a babyshower gift, give them money to hire someone, if i really like that person. Lol. Itd be nice for the first month or two, those are tough times.

PAmom... PAmommy32

I have a 3 year old and about to have a newborn with no family in the area.  I am hiring a mother's helper for once the baby is born.  I think everyone needs help when a new baby comes home.

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