A Beautiful Nursery for a Big & Little Sister

I love seeing photos of nurseries and rooms for children that feel functional and like children really live there. I see a lot of picture-perfect in the design world, and yet nothing makes me more happy than homes that feel comfortable and lived in.

This room put together by Ninainvorm feels warm and homey and exactly how a shared space for two sisters should look. See more below!


I love the eclectic mix of colors and furniture alike. It's totally unmatched and completely complementary.

Crocheted Granny squares on that afghan. I die! 

More details from little sister's crib, lovely and perfectly sweet.  

So many fun touches that feel personal and thoughtful, don't you think? Those hanging dresses are adorable, and the bunting in the window is delightful. 

I always love seeing how families address shared spaces for siblings, and this gorgeous nursery is an eclectic and colorful inspiration indeed.

What do you think of this room?

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