HBO ‘Girls’ Star Jemima Kirke Has Some Advice for New Moms

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Jemima is third from left.
Jemima Kirke plays free-spirited Jessa Johansson on the hit HBO series Girls and sometimes it's hard to separate the two. From the clothes to the attitude to the swagger, it's like Jemima and Jessa are one and the same. Don't be fooled, though, there is a major difference. Jemima, 27, is a mom and is married to Michael Mosberg. Her daughter Rafaella is 2 and son Memphis is just 7 weeks. It was at the premiere party for Girls season 2 last night where Jemima showed off her post-baby body, having given birth just under two months ago.

Her stunning vintage Geminola dress aside, it was the advice, or rather, non-advice she gave to new moms that really left its mark.

When asked how she juggles motherhood and a career, Jemima said that she takes things "day by day" and explains, "I don't have a way. I don't have any words of wisdom."

For any mom who's got a toddler and a newborn, that's probably the best celebrity quote you've ever heard on the subject of juggling it all. There is no "way" to do it. There are no words of wisdom. You just take every day as it comes, and if it's a bad one (diaper explosion, play-date disaster, nap-preventing construction), all you can do is hope for a better one tomorrow, one with cute hugs and kisses and a back massage by Eddie Redmayne.

This non-wisdom Jemima shared is pretty relatable, even if her character Jessa on Girls is not -- unless, of course, you too wear harem pants and declare yourself "unsmotable" after some afternoon sex.

Girls season 2 starts Sunday, January 13.

What would your advice, or non-advice, be for a mom of two young ones?


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dirti... dirtiekittie

first, i don't know who the girl is on the far left, but she looks absolutely unhappy about being there and her dress does not help. she looks a bit like she got slapped by that tall ruffle on her shoulder...

second - my only advice would be "you're the mom." what does that mean to me? raising my two kids, i got "advice" from everyone ranging from the mother in law to the copy girl at the office. nobody ever wants to hear "your advice isn't that great" or "not for me!" so you just learn to smile, nod, and say "hmm, i hadn't thought of that." everyone will have advice, but it doesn't mean you have to take everyone's advice. 

jalaz77 jalaz77

I don't dish it out unless I am specifically asked. Been asked A LOT of stuff but I tell parents go with your gut. Oh don't read books. Books don't tell you how to raise kids. If that were the case we would be Stepford parents.

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