'16 & Pregnant' Star Has Second Baby & Can't Spell His Name

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Kristina HeadBig news out of the Teen Mom world! 16 & Pregnant star Kristina Robinson Head has given birth! The girl whose story broke our hearts on the MTV reality show has bounced back from the tragic death of her first son's daddy in a swimming accident to bring a new little guy into the world.

We were in desperate need for some happy news after the cryfest that was her episode, and these days Kristina is married to a new guy -- TJ Head -- and he's dad to the new little boy. So now for the big question. What did they name him?

Tommie Joseph Head.

Bless their souls, they actually gave the kid a normal name (hey, out of this crew, you never know what to expect!). Congratulations to them for not branding the kid as a playground target right from the get-go! The new baby fits right in with big brother Lukas, which is another nice, normal, REAL name.

Although Tommie? 

Whatever happened to Tommy? Or you know ... Thomas?

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Baby naming is so personal, and I'm sure they have their reasons here, but as a woman with a name that's spelled a little differently than most (it's the French spelling), can I give my 100th warning to those who are pondering silly spellings to ditch the idea, fast?

This kid is probably going to spend the rest of his life correcting people. Was it so hard to just spell it the, ahem, NORMAL way?

What do you think of the little guy's name?


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purpl... purpleflower514

I do not like giving short forms of names as names so I don't like "Tommie". My guess is he will be going by "Tom".

nonmember avatar melissa

My mother loves to b*sch about anything and everything. At first I thought oh ok se likes the name tommie. Then you went and started b*tching for no reason. Big deal its spelled tommie. Negative attitude much? Doesn't make for a good read at all so you fail. Try again.

dirty... dirtyhippiemama

That poor girl has been through so much, and you decide to harp on her choice of name? Slow clap for you!

dirti... dirtiekittie

i'm guessing that this baby would be a "TJ jr" so that's he a TJ just like his dad. makes sense to me. and hey, maybe they're named after a great-grandpa that had untraditional spelling and is meaningful to the family. you never know. congrats to the family!! 

Heath... HeatherMazzone

She's been calling him baby joseph for months. And when she posted his first pics she called him baby joseph. I wasn't aware that wasnt going to be his real first name.

nonmember avatar Jacqueline

Judgemental much? So you don't like that they didn't spell it 'normally'? They didn't name the baby hash tag or Hitler. Who cares that they spelled it with an ie? I find the title of this article in VERY poor choice and incredibly misleading.

Rando... Randomlady

When I opened the article I was expecting it to be a name the father chose that was just so difficult for to her to spell... this is just ripping on the girl.

nonmember avatar Amy

My name is spelled the "normal" way (as you put it). I, VERY often, get people wanting to spell it a different way and need to correct them. Do I get upset or offended? Of course not! That would be silly. I know the world does NOT revolve around me and MY name and I just go with the flow! Get over yourself, it's no big deal.

nonmember avatar Erica


nonmember avatar tina

I think this is a very poor article. Who cares if she spelled it with ie or y. My sons middle names is kristofer and I spelled it that way because I don't like "normal" spelling everyone says don't follow the crowd but lets make an article about the way a names spelled and BTW Tommie can be spelled with either and still be considered normal spelling.

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