8 Popular Songs That Take On a Whole New Meaning When You Have a Baby (PHOTOS)

baby songsMoms with new babies are known to get a LITTLE silly from time to time. It's all those late nights, early mornings, and baby love drunkenness, I guess. Seriously, is there anything more delirium-inducing than those early weeks with a brand new munchkin? I think not.

When I had a new baby, I was all about listening to music. I rocked her to Amy Winehouse and lullaby CDs. I held her and listened to the radio and nursed her while listening to Nina Simone. And the more we did this, the more I started to realize that every dang song was about her!

Seriously, how many songs have "baby" in them? To me, it seemed like they all did. And they were all about me. And my baby! Even the dirty lyrics were suddenly not dirty at all. "Come, baby come baby baby come, come" is much cuter when you think it's about a crawling child, is it not? With that in mind, here are 8 other songs about "babies" that aren't really about babies at all:

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nonmember avatar Cynthia

My all time fav song that's not about a baby but makes me think of endless long nights with baby is, "Who Needs Sleep-BareNaked Ladies!" If you don't know it, look it up!

Mocha... MochaCocoaBean

Meh. It's an okay list. Mariah Carey's Always Be My Baby would have been a better choice.

nonmember avatar pcp3

Actually, Baby Baby by Amy Grant was really inspired by her infant daughter.

nonmember avatar anonymous

Actually I believe Amy Grant did write that song about her child.

mysti... mystic910

The BNL song always made me think of when my boys were little too... Who needs sleep? Cause you're never gonna get it! 

twaban twaban

I'm not sure 'Baby got back' by 'Sir-mix-alot' is an appropriate song for a baby.

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