Rosie O'Donnell Announces New Baby With Wife & They're All Lucky to Be Alive

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rosie o'donnell new babyComedian Rosie O'Donnell announced some blissful news today: She and wife Michelle Rounds are the proud parents of a baby girl named Dakota, born this weekend. She tweeted a snapshot of herself with Michelle and the wee, five-pound, five-ounce baby they adopted: "we r thrilled to announce the arrival of r daughter Dakota - #withloveandthanks - AMEN," she wrote. Aww! So sweet.

Rosie must be working on a "league of her own" (heh) since she has four other children from a previous relationship. But this baby was especially hard-won for this couple. I didn't realize how much they'd been through this year!

Rosie and Michelle married in June. Just after they announced their engagement a year ago Rosie also mentioned that Michelle was trying to get pregnant. But right after their wedding Michelle had multiple surgeries to remove some "gastrointestinal desmoid tumors" (I don't even want to Google that to find out what they are).

As if that wasn't enough, Rosie suffered a heart attack in August. GIRLS! And you're trying to have a baby?!? So much stress in that family's life. Adoption is a stressful process, too. Plus little Dakota was a little on the light side, which makes me wonder if there were complications in the pregnancy or labor. So I hope things settle down a bit for Rosie and Michelle so they can relax and enjoy their new baby.

Clearly Dakota was very much wanted in this family. I hope Rosie and Michelle take good care of their health so they can enjoy a long, happy life with their new daughter. That's a wee bundle, but there's a whole lot at stake with every new baby.

Have you ever had a baby while either you or your husband were having major health issues?


Image via Rosie O'Donnell/Instagram

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nonmember avatar Alix

Thanks for opting out of 5 seconds worth of Desmoid research. It's not like it needs the awareness or anything.

nonmember avatar crys

How in the world does Rosie O'Donnell actually nab these beautiful women willing to have her babies? I mean, I'm sorry but she is an obese butch lesbian woman. I'm sorry I know that sounds man. By am I the only one who suspects these women really date or marry her for hermoney??? I mean could they really see in her?? Yuck...

Rachel Troumbly

Do you marry based solely on looks? If so then I'm sorry you're so shallow. Most people prefer intelligence and humor- the things that make a person beautiful. Beauty fades but ignorance will remain with you for the entirety of your life if you can't grow up and see past the meat sack that we all walk around in..

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