Snooki's Big Plan to Drink While Breastfeeding Is a Rookie Mom Mistake

snookiWhen I think back to some of the things I said while pregnant, I can't help but laugh. Laugh at how naive and clueless I was. (I also can't help but think about what other, politely mum moms probably thought of the stuff that was coming out of my pie-hole.) I totally am still going to wear makeup every day to make myself feel good. Of course I'm going to still go out. I'm definitely not going to be one of those moms who shows people pictures of their kid all the time. I'm not going to pick my kid up every time she makes a peep. Ha. Ha. And ha. Now that I actually have a real, live baby, as opposed to a theoretical one, I realize that I had no idea what I was saying. And neither did Snooki. During the season premiere of Snooki & JWoww, Snooki kept talking about how she was going to drink while breastfeeding.

Um, that's what you thought, Snooki. What you didn't realize at the time was: You were talking out of your childless ass.

During the episode, Snooki told her mother-in-law that she is going to "pump and dump" while breastfeeding because she wants to drink; then she goes on to talk about how she wants several bottles of wine right after she gives birth. (Don't we all?) But now, as we all know, once Snooki had Lorenzo, it was a different story. Snooki wasn't pumping and dumping (at least to our knowledge); she didn't have several bottles of wine after her delivery. In fact, Snooki took a nice little hiatus from drinking after giving birth.

And that's what happens when you have a baby.

Before having kids, we all say things. We all make promises we really, truly think we're going to keep (even if they are about drinking postpartum). But when the kid's in the picture, it's an entirely different ball game. And it's not something you can understand until you're actually holding your baby. You don't care about all the things you thought you'd care about. (I remember thinking I'd want to shower immediately after giving birth -- what?) Your number one priority is your child. That's it. End of story.

And now Snooki knows that.

And so do I.

Did you make any promises while pregnant that you didn't keep?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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Scary... ScarySherry2

I still wear makeup every day. I still work out. I do have mom's night out with my girlfriends. Does this make me a bad mom? No. You have to take some time for you or you are not going to be able to be the best parent for your child. 3 days after giving birth (naturally), I went for a bike ride. Lol. I work my ass off to provide for my children and I shower them in quality time and affection. But I take my moments for myself. Also, numerous ob/gyns have told. Me that a glass of red wine or a bottle of dark beer before breastfeeding helps the production and flow of your milk AND helps the baby sleep. Anyway, as for Snooki, she has no business raising a child anyway. The last thing we need is more of those fools running around.

bubba258 bubba258

Only time will reduce the amount of alcohol in your breastmilk.

Once you stop drinking, and the amount of alcohol in your blood drops, the amount in your milk will too.  ‘Pumping and dumping’ (expressing breastmilk and throwing it away) will not reduce the amount of alcohol in your breastmilk. You also do not need to do this once the alcohol has passed through your system – alcohol is not ‘stored’ in your milk, just as it doesn’t remain in your blood.

NewMo... NewMomma.S

Mothers who admit to one serving of alcohol a day while breastfeeding do impact their children. Those children test lower for motor skills at age one than children whose mothers didn't imbibe a drink a day. That's why I waited till my baby was sleeping through the night, because then I could have two drinks safely lol

julie... julie21210

I pumped and dumped ... But I never thought that meant that I could be wasted , pump and dump and then the next serving would be good to go the way bubba just described . I pumped and dumped because quite frankly I couldn't go that long without pumping without ending up with mastitis but I dumped it cuz obviously I couldn't use it .... I also produced MASSIVE amounts of breast milk when I was breast feeding, so dumping wasn't a huge deal to me. Once I stopped breast feeding I had excess of frozen milk for like two months still that I used . I wouldn't breast feed for at least 24 hours after my rare nights out with my friends cuz I was all super paranoid about it

nikki... nikkivolkov

I have a dark beer occasionally. Bf daughter is six months and ahead of the curve for motor skill development, she's already crawling. I give her pumped milk when I have a beer and then wait the appropriate amount of time before nursing. has a fantastic tool where it shows by your weight and alcohol consumption how long to wait till the alcohol is totally out of your system. Moms need relaxing me time too and I never feel guilty over having it.

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