Kim Kardashian's Baby Deserves a Better Godmother Than Beyonce

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Kim Kardashian Kanye WestLittle baby Kimye isn't even here yet, and there's already a big debate brewing for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Who is the fab couple going to tab as baby K's godparents? Will it be Jay-Z and Beyonce? Let's hope not!

Boosting Bey to godmother status could be one of the dumbest things Kim has ever done (and really, with her track record, that's saying something). All right fans, now for the good news!

The choice of godparents for this future bundle of money, er, love is still at conjecture point. The rumors that Blue Ivy's parents will get the nod got started this week after Kayne tweeted out a picture of himself along with his baby mama, his bestie, and said BFF's wife. Kanye included the word "fam," and the tabs went wild.

A bit of a stretch to take that as evidence that the golden couple will become godparents to what is still an amorphous blob? Sure. But we've heard more than a few rumors since Kimye became official that Kanye is frustrated that Beyonce is not the biggest Kim Kardashian fan on the planet. He's really pushing to make Jay and his wife fall in love with his lady friend. Asking them to be godparents would certainly butter them up.

And that's exactly why Kim cannot do this.

Naming someone as your child's godparent isn't supposed to be a way to curry favor with them. It's about picking someone who will join your team to help you as a parent.

Take it from a mother who's seven years into this parenting thing. The godparent you really want is someone who is already on your side, someone who will back you up, someone who will care about your kid almost as much as you do, someone who actually WANTS to spend time with you ... and your kid.

My daughter's godmother has been known to come over to my house and spend hours letting my kid draw "tattoos" on her and dress her up in ridiculous costumes just because, well, she is a child-free woman who likes hanging out with my kid. She volunteered to teach her to swim. For free! And she didn't even hate me when my kid acted like a monster!

Now ... imagine Beyonce doing any of that for a woman she can't even stand. Not happening, right? See what I mean about picking a godparent who is on YOUR side?

If Kim is smart, she'll put her foot down on this one fast!

Would you pick a godparent who wasn't your friend just to make your significant other happy?


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nonmember avatar Krystal Marie

(For some reason Facebook isn't letting me post) Maybe it's just me, but I don't see any reason why Jay-Z can't be the godfather, and Kim can't choose someone else as a godmother, nothing says that godparents have to be a couple.

worki... workingmama86

I think Kim should name Khloe the God mother because Khloe has been trying for a long time to get pregnant, and hasn't had any luck. And she's Kim's sister! 

Mindy... Mindymama

I would go with Khloe too cos she's gonna treat the kid like hers!!!

nonmember avatar jessica sayed

Bey and jayz can't be the godparent why bey don't like circle like dis khole can be the god mother she is also responsiable and married kim why begging 4bey friend not in your life you guys can't be friends she is far far way beyound you pls kim no your level money is not all bey she is a good and real woman do you want to stain her?

nonmember avatar bella

Kim is bettet than beyonce, she is ªå pretender. Kim should make khloe the godmother of her baby. Why does she what tø be friends with her.

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