The Important Winter Car Seat Safety Rule You're Probably Breaking & Why You Must Stop Now (PHOTOS)

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The car seat, still buckled upThis might be one of the most important posts you ever read because it could save your child's life. There was a terrible accident in Maine where a car and pickup truck collided, sending the 6-month-old infant who was in the car flying from the wreckage. The car seat was ejected upon impact, but worse, the baby was also ejected from the car seat. He was found 25 feet from the crash site.

The accident is being investigated, but upon reading the story and learning that the child was wearing a snowsuit and seeing the car seat still buckled up after the crash, I'd guess the ejection of the baby was due to the fact he was too bundled up. Heavy winter coats and car seats do not mix. Many of us do not know this. They compromise your child's safety. Luckily though, this story helps us believe in miracles ... and perhaps could save lives.

The mother, 19-year-old Chynna Blaney, had her son, 6-month-old Gabriel, buckled into his car seat in the center of the back seat -- the safest place. I'm sure she assumed he was secured well. She was driving on Ledgehill Road in Raymond, a road she didn't know well. It was just getting dark. It was reported she was trying to turn up the volume on her GPS when she missed the stop sign and crashed into a truck driven by Angie Horler, 35, who had her two sons, ages 2 and 5, secured in the back seat.

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This story could have been even more tragic with all the children involved. Horler turned out to be a hero. When she got out of her truck and saw the car seat thrown from the car she crashed into and no baby, she feared the worst. But then she heard something. She told the Portland Press Herald:

I kept hearing this crying sound, like a baby, but it sounded so distant. I just ran toward a big snowbank thinking, 'Oh my God, there must be a baby somewhere.'

And there was. Baby Gabriel was partially pressed into the snow, his dark blue snowsuit slightly visible about 25 feet from the car seat he was once in. Amidst all that chaos, Horler heard him cry. The snow must have softened his fall. It's truly a miracle.

They worked together to keep baby Gabriel warm until the ambulance arrived and they all huddled together -- both mothers and all three children -- in Horler's truck, which wasn't as damaged as Blaney's vehicle.

Horler's sons were uninjured in the accident, but baby Gabriel is in serious condition at Maine Medical Center with a skull fracture. Both moms were treated and released.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is looking into the accident further to understand why the baby was thrown from the car seat. The car seat was brand new. They believe Gabriel was in fact in the seat at the time of the crash. They don't believe he would have survived otherwise. They have initially said it appears to have been properly secured and rear facing in the center of the back seat. The seat was ripped free from the car, still attached to the seat belt. And as you can see from the photo above, it was still buckled, just no baby inside.

Why he was ejected seems clear to me. His winter coat, his snowsuit, were too bulky. Even a coat that seems thin can add too much bulk under the safety belts. In an accident, that bulk compresses, leaving too much room between your baby's body and the straps. This could cause baby to be ejected from the car seat.

I unknowingly made the mistake of putting my kids when they were infants in bulky coats in their car seats. But then I learned how that wasn't safe, so now we have "car coats," which is just a thin fleece, and I cover my kids, once secured in the seats, with their heavy coats that act as a blanket.

Please take the time to read these two very important articles on car seat safety. Spread the word. Our kids' lives depend on it.

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Also, don't forget to read, save, and refer to your car seat manual.

Praying for a full recovery for baby Gabriel. Also hoping everyone removes their children's heavy coats before putting them in the car seat. 

Do you remove your kids' coats before you put them in car seats?


Images via Cumberland County Sheriff's Office

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amiec... amiecanflie

Wow, I'm so glad he's recovering and safe now!! Definitely something more people need to know about.

nonmember avatar My Turn

I have a "sleeping bag" type blanket that fits into the car seat. I can put my little one in the car seat then zip her up so she's nice and warm. Then I have another light cover to keep out the wind. There's lots of covers on the market for infants.

My problem comes when they graduate to the bigger seats that don't have covers. Then they really do need to be bundled up. And in freezing temps, I can't just take her winter coat off.

bills... billsfan1104

I agree with telling people about the winter jackets and car seats, because I did not know that, so now i know that when I see my nieces and nephews.  But to blame this mother for something she probably didnt know, and ASSUME that the kid was thrown from the car accident, because of the snowsuit, is wrong.  You dont know that. Look at the photos of the accident.  They are horrible. 

Mommy... Mommy2justone

billsfan1104- Most of the Car seat techs I know concur with the OP.

nonmember avatar Lyn

We are lucky enough that our car can stay in the garage overnight so that it is not so cold in the morning. I have never put a coat on her, she gets a nice thick hat and a fleece blanket to bundle up in. So much safer. Glad the children survived

bills... billsfan1104

MOmmy, I just dont think she should be knocking the mother right now.  They dont know what really happened or how it happened.  I think we should wait until the investigation is done.  BUt I agree the education on car seat safety during the winter is great.  Because I didnt know about the puffy jackets.  But I understand now, because even I do not like being in the car in a seat belt with a jacket on.  I always take it off.  I cannot even imagine what a kid or baby feels like in a care seat

Cafe... Cafe MicheleZ

For the record, I'm not blaming the mother. I feel for her. It could have happened to me as well as I said I made the mistake of letting my kids be in heavy coats in car seats once, too. I'm just praying for that little one and so happy it wasn't worse. Accidents happen. To everyone.

lulou lulou

If you are going to blame the mom, Id say choose the GPS operation while driving.  While its scarry, this one she should have known better on, particularily on a road named "LedgeHill"

As for jackets, living somewhere cold, I purposely choose something with a thin down layer for this exact reason.

bills... billsfan1104

Michele, thank you for clarifying that.  It just seemed to me that you were.  If I took it wrong, I apologize.   I think that getting the word out on the jackets is a great thing(as i said before), because many people do not know this.

miche... micheledo

I didn't know this with my first and second. Now, we try to warm up the van ahead of time and the kids use their coats as a blanket after buckling up. This story definitely illustrates the seriousness of the issue. I will be sharing it on fb and pinterest for sure!

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