The 10 Worst-Ever Questions New Moms Get Asked

nicole fabian-weber
Kiss my diapered butt.
Being a new mom is wonderful and amazing and all sorts of awesome, but there are definitely parts that leave something to be desired. And, no, I'm not talking about anything having to do with the baby here. I'm talking about some of the questions you get asked. Some of the annoying, rude, occasionally hurtful questions you get asked during the first few months of having a child. It's like, back off, people. I just had a baby. Here are the 10 worst, most annoying questions new moms get asked.

Are you still breastfeeding? Okay, this one needs some context. If you're my friend, go ahead, ask away -- hell, you probably know -- but if I really don't know you -- or rarely talk to you -- is it any of your business? No joke, my 7-year-old nephew came up to me during the holidays while I was at my in-laws' place and asked me if I gave my daughter bottles "because his mom wanted to know." (His mom and my brother-in-law are divorced; she wasn't there.) What up with that? I never even talk to this woman! If I am, will you give me a prize?! And if I'm not, will you send me to time-out?!

When are you going to have another one? It's just a sort of personal question that kind of puts you on the spot. Also, it's a family decision. So why don't I talk things over with my husband and then get back to you, kthnxbai?

Did you lose all the baby weight? Hmm, well, if you're asking me, you clearly don't think I did, now do you know?

Does she have teeth yet? Is she crawling? Is she talking? She isn't rolling over, oh mah gahhhhh! Dude. Do you really not know that all babies do things at their own pace? And I'm pretty confident that even though my daughter doesn't have a full set of chompers just yet, she will by the time she goes to kindergarten.

Did you sign her up for classes? Well, being that her favorite thing to do right now is look at herself in the mirror and pull my hair, I think we're all set on the entertainment front for a while. 

How do you like being a mom? What if I'm postpartum? What if I'm having a super rough time? And, I mean, really, what answer does one to expect to get here: "It totally blows"?

You're picking her up again? I don't know, I thought it was a good idea being that she's crying.

Did you have a natural birth? Again, if I really don't know you, why are you all up in m'junk like this? The answer is no, I didn't have a natural birth. I got an epidural and I loved it. But I'm guessing you did have a natural birth and you want to make me feel like crap for not, right?

Do you like working/being a SAHM? Really, there's no answer to either of these questions that will please everyone, is there? It's a debate that will last until the end of time, so let's not fan any fires. 

Do you and your husband ever get out? Well, since you're so interested in my personal life, the answer is, yeah, we do get out. But we're usually in before sundown. And yes, the baby's with us. But we've got big plans to go to the movies in a few weeks, so there's that!

What annoying questions have people asked you?

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fave82 fave82

Sensitive much? Sooo basically people just shouldn't aknowledge that you have a child at all.. to be on the safe side...

nonmember avatar Damned if you

Eh I can see feeling judged, but the other side of the fence... No one asks me anything. No one seems to care how my son is raised. Hopefully they just think we're doing ok but I still wish people cared.

nonmember avatar Hk82

No fave82, that would just piss her off too.

smuck... smuckers743

Ha! I love the, "You're picking her up again?" question. I got that with my family over the holidays. The reason why it annoyed be was because I know my child, when he starts squeling a certain way and makes a face, he's going to throw a fit. I figured it'd be nice to save everyone else's ears against his high pitched wails, lol. 

Heath... HeatherMazzone

I love this. I got, and still get asked some of these questions and I always think the same thing. How is that any of your business? And I also got the epidural, planned to from the minute I found out I was pregnant. Unfortunately it didn't work and I felt everything. Lol

nonmember avatar Amberg91

About a month after I had my daughter I went grocery shopping for the very first time without her... Someone asked me "when are you do?" I felt my heart sink, I wanted to cry (at that moment I felt no anger... That came later)

zandh... zandhmom2

Those kinds of questions don't bother me and if I ask someone else any of those questions, the truth is I'm usually just being polite and making conversation.

JoMeara JoMeara

fave82, u can suck it.

I totally understand this rant, being pregnant, and having a baby sends out these "come and touch me, talk to me, ask me stupid freaking questions, even though you are a total stranger in walmart, or you are my second cousin who doesnt even know how to spell my last name" vibe. It is beyond annoying. Know what a mom would love to hear? Silly me, I baked 2 pans of lasgna, can I drop the extra one off to you? Or how about is there anything I can do for you, like feed your little one, or change a diaper so you can grab a bite to eat, or grab your 2 year old before he wanders off into the forrest? 

We are not overly sensitive, we just have TIME for your well meaning but totally annoying personal fucking questions. Especially since you are only using my answers to compare yourself to me to make yourself feel better, and making me feel like crap in the process. So maybe next time you see a mom, new or not, how about coming up with something a little bit more original than ohhh, are you breast feeding? 

ethan... ethans_momma06

Honestly, I think most of those questions stem from A) trying to relate (like the birth question) or B) trying to find a topic to talk to you about.

I've never had a problem being asked any of these questions.

mande... manderspanders

Of course, the annoying questions begin before you give birth...  at 14 weeks, the number one on my list is: "Was this planned??"  My husband and I have been married for nearly 2 years, are very financially stable, and own our home.  We have no issues with our relationship; no issues with substances, etc.  My baby may not have been planned, per se (mostly just mis-timed), but I'm not some unemployed teenage drop out who doesn't know my baby daddy.

Geesshh.  Frankly, it isn't anyone's business and people should just be happy that we're happy.

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