Mom Changes Baby's Diaper on Restaurant Table

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diaperLike most women, after I became a mom, I became a lot less judgmental about the things I had seen other moms do in the past. Wipe boogers off of their kids' noses with their bare hands. Smell their baby's butts in public. Whatever. I'm now quite aware that while motherhood is the most amazing thing, it's far from glamorous. But, despite my affinity and sympathy for mamas, and how hard their jobs are at times, I do think there's a line. And plopping your kid on a restaurant table and changing their diaper crosses that line. That's ... really inappropriate.

A restaurant owner recently wrote in to "Dear Abby", saying that a customer of his had done just this. He called the incident "unsanitary" and "rude", and wondered if he was out of line in thinking these things. To which I (and Abby) say no. That is unsanitary and rude. 

Sometimes when you're out, you need to change your kid. So you improvise. I get that. I've discreetly changed my daughter's diaper in her stroller at the airport (facing away from everyone); on my husband's lap in a corner at a party; and on a couch at a hotel. (Always pee.) And when I was at a restaurant in Italy once, I watched a mom change her little one on her lap right next to me. It was definitely unusual, but I just chalked it up to her being European (and me not being a mom yet). But when you lay your child on top of a place that people eat off of, you're taking things to a new level.

I don't know if there were changing tables in the bathroom at this restaurant. If there weren't, that needs to be remedied. But still. There are other ways/places/techniques of changing a little one's diaper that don't require propping him or her on a table in a restaurant.

As hard as it may be for us moms to see sometimes, there are other people in the world. People without kids. People who really would rather not look at your child's naked bottom while they're eating. Let's try to keep them in mind. And let this be a lesson: Please, parents, don't change your baby's diaper or toilet train your toddler while in a restaurant. That behavior may fly in Babies R Us, but at a cafe, it's just gross.

What do you think of this?

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jalaz77 jalaz77

Oh wow, what is wrong with people?! This is pretty disgusting but I am guessing she is also a mom who will freak on you if you question her cause she probably says she had nowhere else to go which is a crock. I have plenty of times taken my kid to the car to change thier bottoms when I have no bathroom with a changing station. You know, those stations haven' t been around for very long so what did everyone do years ago? Use a bathroom floor with a changing pad, did that too, during winter months when the car is too cold. I don't care not one person should be changing their kids bottom in an eating establishment. The only public place I have changed my kids' butt is a park, it is out doors so no one can smell it and was by a tree.

Gypsy... Gypsyqueen4life

Ok that is absolutely disgusting & extremely inconsiderate & very, very rude!!

redho... redhotscorp61

My mom worked as a waitress for many years.  She worked at Walgreen's restaurant (in a shopping mall) in the 70's.  You wouldn't believe what people do and what they leave in a booth.  Staff found dirty diapers left behind.  People making out.  Some people are just pigs.  I can understand you have to change your kid's diaper but on a table in a restaurant?  That is just gross. 

nonmember avatar sarah

i get that sometimes there isnt a perfect place to change your kid but on a table where people eat is nasty. recently my son needed a whole wardrobe change. i took him to the bathroom to change him but there was no changing table, no handicapped stall or even room on the floor. this was a very old establishment. i had to find a bench inside(too cold to take him to the car) where few people were eating an change him there. it wasnt ideal but i did what i could with what i have. i even propped up my leg to sheild the majority of what i was doing.

mommy... mommytojack0524

Go out to the car and change the baby in the backseat. That's one of the perks of an SUV...instant changing station.

amomm... amommy2jack

imagine what the department of health would say to that....its rude, gross and unnecessary.  I had my son ages ago when changing stations in public restrooms were non-existent.  I managed to change him without offending anyone and without letting him sit in waste for long periods of time.  What is wrong with people?  I don't want to look at or smell your baby's dirty diaper whether is pee or poo.  Ugh.

miche... micheledo

I have changed a diaper on the bench, next to a table at the fast food resteraunt.  There was no changing table or counter space in the bathroom.  It was the dead of winter and our van is full of car seats (5 of them).  The only empty space was the floor, that was full of puddles from melting snow.

I felt very uncomfortable and did it as quickly as possible.  

linzemae linzemae

I worked at chuck e cheese for 4 years. People leave diapers all over the place. Parking lot, booths, ball pit. It's amazing how inconsiderate people are.

purpl... purpleflower514

It is gross but on the other hand a lot of places do not have changing tables avaliable and putting your kid on the floor is just as gross. Places that allow children should be requires to have changing tables in the mens and womens room (so many places do not having them in mens rooms, I guess men don't ever take care of their kids).

nonmember avatar joykaren

am now retired, but years and years ago while teaching, a man's wife came into the cafeteria with her new baby and after everyone oohed and aahed, she proceeded to place this baby boy on the cafeteria table and changed him! and i well remember that i was the only person appalled over this. everyone else just went on about their daily activities as if nothing had happened. i could never eat at that table again because it was so awful to remember that. but they all did okay because recently i picked up the new york times [of all papers] and there was a wedding announcement of that stink bottomed baby, now grown and high class because the article made even the mom [who clearly had no real class] sound uppercrust.

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