5-Month-Old Baby's Tragic Death Makes Me Wonder About Co-Sleeping

newborn feetA 5-month-old baby tragically died on New Year's Day, and according to police, the baby was sleeping in between its parents when the awful incident happened. The actual cause of the baby's death is still uncertain, but still -- it can't help but get you thinking about co-sleeping. Personally? It freaks me out.

In theory, I love the idea of co-sleeping. It seems so sweet, and cozy, and nice, but it just wasn't anything I could ever do. When my daughter was a newborn, I attached the co-sleeper to my bed, and it was convenient, but truth be told, even then I was a little nervous that I'd accidentally fling my blanket over her little body or something. And on one occasion, when I was nursing, I brought her into bed with me and was feeding her in the side-lying position. I woke up -- yes, woke up -- and realized that the sheet was creeping up over her head. In reality I had probably only dozed for a few minutes, and it wasn't like the blanket was completely over her head or anything, but it freaked me out. So much so that I never nursed in that position at night again.

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Right now, my daughter technically could come into bed with my husband and me. She'd be fine. She's 8 months old, and is bigger, and is impossible to lose in the sheets. But she has no interest. I've tried to nap with her in bed, and yeah, no dice. She just moves and squirms, and basically tries to leap off the bed. The girl likes to move. And she seriously loves her crib. It's pretty much the only place she'll get a good rest. And she also likes complete silence, thankyouverymuch.

If, when she's a bit bigger, she wants to get in bed with me, that's fine. I wouldn't turn her away. And I'd love to snuggle her at night. But it'd be different then. There wouldn't be any worry of anything bad happening to her. I wouldn't have to sleep (or not sleep) with one eye open, keeping a careful watch.

I know it works for some, and that's great, but when they're tiny babies, co-sleeping is just not for me.

Did/Do you co-sleep?


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Momma... MommaGreenhalge

I practiced safe co-sleeping with all three of my kids for a few months each. As long as they were too little to roll over, I wasn't concerned. I nursed them to slreep and they stayed in the same position. After they could move around more, I couldn't do it anymore. I didn't sleepp a wink, and they wanted more sppace.

lovem... lovemyson1224

I co-slept with my now 2 year old and currently do a modified co-sleeping with my 6 week old twins. I breast feed them and would not get any sleep if I didn't. Since we don't know the sad details I don't think that we should jump to any conclusions about what happened to this pot baby.

lovem... lovemyson1224

Poor baby is what I meant not pot.

nonmember avatar blue

I think safe, responsible co-sleeping, is fine. However, I have known very few people who SAFELY co-sleep. I would never co-sleep, because I like my space, blankets fly far too often, and we move too much.

MissF... MissFrenchie

Caera, while I'm completely with you on being agains co-sleeping, there are so many better ways to present your opinion without attacking others. Your real message got lost amid the hate in your words.

we2an... we2angels

No. not when they are newborns. Too risky, you are not aware when you are asleep.

mem82 mem82

Bed sharing is scary to me, but we co sleep as in our babies sleep in a crib/bassinet next to my bed.

Angie... AngieHayes

Well, I slept with both of my babies, and they are still alive. 

nonmember avatar Sirena

Actually, there has never been a confirmed case of either parent contributing to the death of an infant through co sleeping when there WERE NO other factors involved, such as drugs or alcohol. Mothers especially are wired to know where the baby is at all times and won't roll over onto it in the night. That being said, I never coslept with my daughter. She liked her space, and has never been cuddly. I would love to snuggle with her, but even at 14 mos, she'll have nothing to do with it. We did room in for the first 12 months though.

nonmember avatar FarmersWife

Co-sleeping is safe, healthy and natural. Common sense (or research if you don't have it) needs to be used of course. Not co-sleeping is selfish. Statistically a much higher percentage of babies die alone in their cribs vs in breastfeeding mothers bed. Newborns especially need their mother to help regulate their temperature, breathing and heart rate. Newborns are much more stable when skin to skin with a nursing mother. Bottle feeding is another issue, research has proven than unless the mother is feeding from the breast she is not in tune enough with her baby to co sleep- hence the generation of formula feeders that think co-sleeping is the devil. No other mammal chooses to sleep away from their young. No natural mother would want to be separated from her young especially during a voulnerable time like sleep. That is purely society influencing maternal instincts. Ultimately I think the mothers gut feeling rules. If she doesn't feel 100% comfortable then it's obviously not the right choice for HER. but it is 110% natural, normal, safe, healthy....

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