Megan Fox Not Rushing Into Getting Her Pre-Pregnancy Body Back

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megan foxMegan Fox entered the motherhood club three months ago when she had her son Noah. She gained 23 pounds during her pregnancy and has lost 13 of them so far. And she's not working out. Many love to hate on Megan because she's gorgeous, says some odd things sometimes, and generally because she's gorgeous. Poor Megs. Fragile Megs. She's turned into one of my favorite new moms precisely because of that.

Megan says her body is too fragile for working out right now. So she's waiting. She's always been thin, and some people just drop those pregnancy pounds faster than others. And while she says she still wants to lose 10 more pounds, she sure looks amazing with them on here for the This Is 40 premiere. But who are we to say how much she should weigh? Provided she's a healthy weight, we should be happy for her. And happy for the fact that she's not rushing into working out -- something far too many of us, particularly celebrities, do after baby.

Twenty-six-year-old Megan told Us Weekly:

I can't work out yet because my body is still too fragile. I try to eat whatever I want, but I don't eat any dairy, and I guess that's the biggest diet tip. Try and stay away from dairy -- especially if you're a woman! It's really hard on your hormones.

Look at her -- giving mama tips! And good ones at that. Though staying away from diary for me is a very hard one. Cheese! I love cheese. I'd keep the extra 10 pounds just so I could eat cheese. And chocolate. And milk in my coffee. But good, healthy advice.

I'm really starting to like Megan. Megan, the mom. Despite the fact she had a challenging pregnancy and felt sick much of time, making her fear her baby wasn't human, along with her painful contractions that had her screaming for an epidural (totally relatable for many women), Megs wants to have more kids. A couple more. She wants a big family and she says Brian Austin Green is an awesome hands-on kind of dad.

Gorgeous. Hollywood star. Happy baby. Awesome husband. Doesn't work out yet and looks incredible. Sure, it's easy to hate on her. But we shouldn't. We should applaud her. She's not pushing for new moms to get back to their pre-pregnancy weight too soon. She's not pimping some diet or cleanse or crappy food. She's saying we should listen to our bodies and work out when we are ready, not when society thinks we should be ready.

Thank you, Megan!

Do you find what Megan says refreshing? Did you also feel your body was very fragile after having a baby?

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nonmember avatar JJones

You do realize that at she was probably underweight going into the pregnancy so should have gained 28 to 40lb total per the Institute of Medicine's recommendations, right? Even if she had been normal weight she should have gained 25-35lb. So good for her for being sane about weight loss after pregnancy, but stop holding her up as some standard women need to meet for pregnancy weight gain when her low weight gain put her own baby at risk for prematurity, low birth weight, and a whole host of other health problems.

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

I know I was. My son really did a number on my abs. I couldn't even sit up without support to start with. It was about a month before I could get from a lying to a sitting position without rolling to my side or having help. Three months postpartum I could walk about half a mile but then needed to rest because my core was just that weak. It was pretty ridiculous but eventually I built up the strength to do every day things like housework and walking to the grocery store then I moved on to working out.

jalaz77 jalaz77

I felt great after my first. Walked a lot but got lazy and made excuses. Getting a trainer after this last baby, after we establish a decent breast feeding regime.

tuffy... tuffymama

I was a wreck starting about a week after the second one. Blurgh. If ever I am blessed to have another, DH said we are hiring a baby nurse for the first month. No amount of eating right helps when you get less than two hours of sleep in every twenty-four.

tuffy... tuffymama

Also, Megan Fox is gorgeous, but she seems like a dingaling. Maybe that's due to her portrayal in the media, or maybe motherhood will click some things in her head.

SuzyB... SuzyBarno

I do feel like what Megan said was refreshing. It's nice to see a celebrity not loose the baby weight so quick because that is reality. I didn't feel as if my body was fragile after birth each time. I started running 7 weeks after each c section. I actually felt like it helped my recovery. Course I have been a runner since high school and ran throughout each pregnancy, till I was too big of course;)

SuzyB... SuzyBarno

Oh, I gained 40lbs with my first and 50lbs with my 2nd and it took 12 months the first time to lose the weight and it took 19 months the 2nd time to lose the weight. Sometimes it doesn't matter how much someone works out, or not.

sand008 sand008

As a woman, when your body has the ability to give birth, your not fragile? Your solid, after 6 weeks your good as new

the4m... the4mutts

Eh. Whatever works for her.

I never once felt fragile. I walked, worked out, cooked, cleaned, went shopping, all starting the day after giving birth with all 4 of my kids.

I may never be as thin or pretty as her, but my body certainly was made for birthing a baby! Always made me feel fantastic.

GirlN... GirlNamedBillie

She gained a normal amount of weight for a woman who was at a normal weight before pregnancy, she was not. She was SEVERLY underweight, therefor she doesn't need to lose any weight AT ALL! I'm appalled that anyone would suggest her to do so or even think that she should.

And people, she feels fragile because she hasn't taken very good care of herself nutrition-wise, on top of that she's caring for an infant (unless her night nurse does all the night time work)

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