10 Surprising Facts About Babies in America (INFOGRAPH)

There's no arguing that we love babies in this country -- but you might be surprised at how much we love them. According to the CDC almost 4 million little mushes were born in America in just one year! 3,999,386 to be exact. That's a whole lotta baby loving. And really ... who can blame us? Still, that's not even the most surprising stat rounded up below.

The thing that caught me most off guard is probably how few of those babies were born at home -- 29,650. I chose hospital births for my kids but I really thought more people opted for home births these days. Or maybe it's how many babies are breastfed -- 76.9%. That's actually a lot higher than I thought it would be -- which is all sorts of awesome.

Check out the infograph below and let me know which fact surprises you the most!

Research compiled by Emily Abbate

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mamao... mamao3boys

I was surprised by the 25 year old average first time mom age.  I thought it was younger!  I was 17 when I had my first son and 23 with my last (We have 3).  My husband and I will be young when the kids move out! (As we joke)  

Dina Leznova

very interesting info

Ariel Evans

I thought it was interesting that there were so many teen mothers but the average first time mom was 25. I honestly don't think 25 is all that young...I thought it was the average age, which is pretty cool that it actually is. :)

I had my twins when I was 20 and don't plan on having any more.

I also thought the down syndrome number was really high.

Latanya Ivey

I like the breastfeeding stats. My first son was born when I was 22 and my second son was born when I was 31. My first son was bottle-fed (I wish I went longer than a week, though) and my second son was breastfeed up until he was 2. Try to judge me. I don't care. However, the Autism rates are alarming.

Felip... FelipesMom

WOOHOO majority of moms are breastfeeding!!!!!!!!! :o) Keep it up supermamas! (And if you can't - as in, truly cannot - then don't beat yourself up!!)

Liz132 Liz132

The breastfeeding rate is higher than I thought. I knew most of the other statistics and I know there aren't many of us homebirthers we're just a very vocal group lol 

Lacey Friis

I was pleased to see the increase in breastfeeding as well.  I was saddened to see such a ridiculous c-sec rate, but not surprised.  I had seen that autism rate before, but as another posted commented, it definitely makes one wonder.  Parenting techniques? Environmental/Water supply/meds ingested?  Overly diagnosed?  Before I'm attacked, I completely think it is a very real diagnosis.  I'm just searching for a cause/correlation in the dramatic increase. 

nonmember avatar Jessica

I understand what the big deal with a c section. Some people are not as lucky as other that can deliver naturally.

Melissa Lejeune Dolan

As a mother of an Aspergers Autistic son I am very familiar with the Autism rates in America. Unfortunately 1 in 88 is not an accurate number. The CDC uses figures that are 4-6 years old when calculating "current" rates! Our current Autism rates in America are "Epidemic". That was stated before congress by some of the foremost experts in the country. What will it take before we wake up???

becka... beckacraig

I had my first child at 17, my second at 19, my third at 21 and my fourth and last at 22. I breastfed all of them, my first and last til they were almost 2, my middle ones not as long due to medical issues. My second child was born with autism. I had them all in the hospital, even though I wanted them at home, things happened that prevented that from happening. I was unmarried with the first two and married for the last two. So I guess I fall into several of the "stats", but really who cares....we're all people, not numbers. It's interesting people always look at stats, but it doesn't say how many were in the study does it? 1 out of 88 children.....but how many children were looked at? what if there were only 200 children in the study? Same thing with the other numbers. I'd want some more info before really looking into it more.

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