Kate Middleton & Prince William Don't Need the Queen to Tell Them How to Raise Their Baby

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Kate Middletown Prince WilliamEvery time I want to be jealous of Kate Middleton, another shoe drops. Yes, she's married to Hottie McHottypants Prince William. And yes, she is carrying the future prince or princess (come ooooooon princess). But man, oh man, does this girl have it rough.

Latest news? Kate and Wills are facing some royally pissed off grandparents over their plans on how to raise the heir to the throne.

The Duchess of Cambridge and the Prince are said to be taking a page out of the book of the late Princess Diana, planning to give their little one a more "modern" upbringing than the one great-grandma, the Queen of England, would prefer. Now, I can think of a number of things I'd rather do than tangle with Queen Elizabeth over how to raise her grandson. A visit to the dentist comes to mind. Or her perhaps a run-in with the IRS?

And yet, I hope Kate and Wills tell her -- and Prince Charles and Camilla -- where to stick it. Not only that, I hope it becomes public knowledge. Because the more new moms and dads hear about kicking meddling grandparents to the curb, the more ammunition they will have to keep their own family at bay.

I can just hear the rallying cry now: "If Kate can do it, I can do it!"

The trouble is, we often feel guilty telling the grands to go away. They raised us, and we feel like we owe something to them. And of course there's the whole "I have a young child, so I'm perpetually exhausted, and I really don't have the energy to fight over this."

And grandparents -- royal or not -- tend to have that air of authority that they use to their advantage. They're all "Well, I raised YOU, didn't I? I must know something!"

True. But that doesn't mean they know everything. And even if they're an actual expert in parenting (because can you imagine being Dr. Sears' kid?), they are still "just" grandparents.

YES! JUST grandparents.

Here's the hard truth: grandparents sometimes mean well. But they are always out of line when they tell us how to raise our kids.

Because guess who brought that baby into the world. Uh huh, you and your significant other. And guess who is ultimately responsible for that baby. Again, you and your significant other.

If little Princess Katherine falls down and bumps her knee, you can be it won't be Great Granny Liz swooping in to put Band Aids on. And if Chas III is wailing up a storm at 2 a.m., it won't be Camilla sticking her boob in the mouth to sate his hunger. Parents do the hard work. They can make the hard choices too.

Kate and Wills are about to be parents. THEY are. Not Queen Elizabeth. Not Prince Charles. Not Camilla Parker-Bowles.

And gosh darnit, they should be the best parents THEY want to be.

Any tips for Kate on telling the in-laws where to go with their parenting plans? How do you keep the nosy grandparents at bay?


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First off Wils is said to be very head strong about something he has made a decision about, no swaying him. So if he and the missus have decided how they are going to raise their child,well...By the way was there really any point to grossing me out the way you did with the Camilla comment? That was just EWW!

femal... femaleMIKE

I am having my first.  I am not pretending I know what I am doing.  I will hear people out, then make a decision. 

Why should I listen to you?  Aren't you meddling? You give advice in your articles so how is what you doing any differnet.

don't pressure people to get hostile.

I am sure the queen will not meddle anymore than the public.  the prince is not a hotty pants.  He is good looking but not what you made him out to be.


nonmember avatar Emmie Faison

I know that old ugly hag of a cammilla parker bowels had anything to say about it. Just because she think she is going to be the next Queen and want to put her two drug childrens in place she need to hid and shut up! mess !,mess !,mess! big miss! then I ever seen of heard of woo- sah Prince William I hate it for you woo sah

sweet... sweetcherry_59

Is there anyone who understands a word of what Emmie just said?

I don't speak garbled mess....

jessa... jessasmamma

I don't think it's possible for any of us to truly know what it's like to be in Kate & William's positions. We are not raising a future King/Queen. While I do think that they will use and enjoy some of the more mordern things we have available nowadays, there are certain things that will still need to be taught and done the classic way. They're not raising little Sarah down the street. They're raising a royal baby who will one day inherit the throne. I would hope that they can find a nice balance between modernizing some things and keeping with tradition with other things. 

SaphireH SaphireH

nothing wrong with how the boys were raised and if he wants to raise his son or daughter the way is mom raised him and harry then so be it

SaphireH SaphireH

oh and im sure people will say what about harry in vegas oh well every makes at least 1 stupid choice in their life time no matter how their parents raised them. ive made a few dumb ass mistakes in my life and they help you learn lessons

Saphi... SaphiraJFire

Take the info for what it is. It comes from Diana's butler. someone who has not been in service to the royal family for many many years. Its all just his opinions.

Since Princess Diana's death he is renowned for making money from anything he can. he will do or say anything to get an interview. he is a pariah. just in it for money. 

If it is true or not we will find out after the baby is here. Do not buy into it to much right now. its just to early to tell.

Saphi... SaphiraJFire

btw your comments are just flat out gross and tacky. expecially about Camilla, Dutches of Cornwall.

This site is Nortorious for slaming the royal family and bad mouthing them and having no respect at all for what their married names are. 
Do you have no respect for marrariage at all or what? Are you incapable of showing respect for a married woman and her new name must you alwas use only her maiden name>? rude rude rude.

Its not showing respct for them as a ryoal family its showing respct for their marriage and their married names.

ITs not Kate Middleton anymore its Kate Dutchess of Cambriage. or Dutches kate for short if its to hard for you to type the whole thing. Or you can just use her married name Kate mountbatten windsor or just Kate Windsor.  

It is her legal married name.... Use It.


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