Mom Gets Bittersweet Tattoo to Commemorate Her Miscarriages (VIDEO)

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Tattoos used to be the mark of someone who was out of the mainstream and kind of hard-living ... but these days, tattoos are as common on sweet, gentle PTA moms as they once were on sailors and wild women. Lots of moms get tattoos to celebrate their children or mark milestones in an important personal journey.

That's what happened with Susan, who battled 13 years of infertility, spent thousands on surgeries and fertilization procedures, and worst of all, had two miscarriages. In fact, she was never able to carry a baby to term. But something beautiful came out of her sad story.

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She was looking on an Internet message board when she found a design that struck her heart: it depicted a broken outline of a heart with two tiny footprints inside. It represented how she felt about ending the quest to become pregnant and marked the memory of the babies she lost. "I felt like I needed to get this tattoo to truly mark the end of the journey, and put a stamp on it that we were here," she says. "They will always be in my heart even though I'm broken a little because they're not here."

As she points out, she didn't have any physical reminders of her babies ... no pictures, no ultrasound images, nothing to hold on to. So this tattoo was a way of marking their memory she could always carry with her.

Her story has a happy ending, though. Some years after they stopped their attempts to conceive, she and her husband were asked to adopt a baby boy. He's now a gorgeous, happy toddler and Susan lights up when she's with him.

Do you have any tattoos? What do they represent?

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nonmember avatar Mommy of 3!

I have my angels wings with my first daughters name n birth/death date on it c I was 2 weeks from my due date when she arrived without a heartbeat my heart hurt so much for her.god must have known how heartbroken I was and 3 yrs later he blessed me with my now 3 yr old princess <3 I still miss my angel but im sure she watches over her big brother n lil sister alwayz rememberd" Eve Angelize"

Karma... KarmaGrant

I have 3 (just got the 3rd last week) and getting a 4th tomorrow. One was to celebrate my 15th anniversary and has that date on it. One was to honor my stepdad who passed away last year. The most recent was just for fun, it's a zombie girl holding a milk carton with her non zombie pic on it asking if anyone has seen her. Those are all quite large and on my arms. Tomorrow I am getting an ID bracelet tattooed on my right arm. It will have my children's initials on it. 

I love the tattoo shown above and that it was done with great meaning.

nonmember avatar shelly

I have many tats. My boys names are one each for arms. And my daughters name is on the back of my neck. Each one if my kids names are above the symbol for eternal love. Because no matter what happens in life and after life my love for them is eternal.

cherylam cherylam

I have a large Celtic cross on my left upper arm, with my first husbands initials under it, in loving memory of a good man...

nonmember avatar Lotus4Pandora

I have a ladybug on my forearm with my girl first and middle name around it.. told her those were chosen bc no matter if she gets married when she grows up or decides to take her dad last name, this is who she has always been.. she has been my ladybug since birth.. I told her it is bc they are toxic, beautiful but rotten, just like her.. she is my life.. B =)

nonmember avatar Tickles

I have tons of ink, a lot represent the memories of lost family and friends. I also have a replica of a famous piece of Artwork tattooed on my forearm for my daughter. I found the piece I wanted tattooed when I was 6 months along and got it done when my baby was 3 months old...she is now 3 years old and continues to mesmerize me every single day! She's my world!!

teesie76 teesie76

I have a dragon in the shape of an s. It is for my daughter who is a shaken baby survivor..her name means superior. I was born in the year of the dragon. she is part of me.

nonmember avatar E Ram

I have my daughters middle name on my collar bone, on my back I have three stars (my husband, daughter and myself) and cherry blossoms, I also have three roses on my shoulder: the smaller bud is my daughter, I'm the half opened one and the fully blossomed one is my mother. I also have a cross on my inner arm. I plan on getting my sons middle name on the other side of the collarbone. And as soon as my sister gets here we will be getting sister tattoos.

Heath... HeatherJo11

I have a lot of tattoos. Tattoos are an art form. They've come a long way in the last decade or two, quality wise. Its all about a talented, experienced, smart artist. I'm very rockabilly/pinup style. So far I've not met too many people it really bothers. It's just a part of me, like my hair or eye color. I don't even realize I'm odd anymore for having a lot of ink on my body. It's my normal. My baby boy traces my chest (I have a large chest piece of a heart locket in center & filigree & Victorian keys spreading to each shoulder for my child & husband) and says "pretty tattoo, mommies pretties" some of my tattoos have great meaning. Some are just pretty. Some are funny. I have Mattel with a little copyright symbol on the back of my neck in pink ink. Young & silly & almost a joke about myself for looking like a Barbie doll. So, people can hate every single one on me or love them. Doesn't make any difference to me. It's the culture I'm into, not them. I don't mind or think it odd that they don't have art on their bodies. Whatever floats your boat :)

nonmember avatar Elijah

"...Do not mark your skin with tattoos...." Lev. 19:28, The Holy Bible.

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