6 Things You Can Do While Breastfeeding

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breastfeedingBreastfeeding is a wonderful thing. It provides nutrition to your child. It promotes bonding. It gives you big boobs. But -- it’s not always the most entertaining thing in the world. Nursing can take a while, and, well, sometimes it can get a little boring. And let’s not talk about cluster feeding days. So why not multitask? Here are six things you can do while breastfeeding.

Watch your shows. This is what I did for nighttime feedings when I was nursing. I’d TiVo all sorts of things -- weird documentary-type programs on the O Network I’d otherwise never watch; Housewives (natch); and Saturday Night Live, which I hadn’t been up late enough to watch in eons. And woo-hoo for no commercials! (Also, you can get into a TV series you’ve been dying to watch -- I highly recommend Homeland.)

Listen to your iPod. When my daughter was first born, and my in-laws came to visit, I would go into my bedroom to nurse and just listen to my iPod. Personally, I went with soothing, relaxing music, but a book "on tape" is a great idea, also.

Meditate. I’m one of the world’s worst meditators, so this didn’t exactly work for me, but if you happen to have a quiet mind, try really focusing on ... nothing. Really be in the moment. You’ll feel revitalized afterwards, maybe even a little rested? (A little.)

Your websites. I basically look at the Internet all day as part of my job, but when I was on maternity leave and nursing, I checked out sites I typically never went to. Recipe blogs; random "mommy" blogs; gossip sites (okay, I still go to those, obviously, but I’ll never forget when I found out Jessica Simpson gave birth -- at around 3:30 in the morning. I was, oddly, really excited.).

Have your partner lay with you in bed. Why not get the whole family to cuddle? It’s so cozy, and intimate, and lovely. A memory you’ll have forever.

Save your phone calls for when you’re nursing. I mean, I wouldn’t talk on the phone every time you’re breastfeeding, but if you have a friend you want to catch up with -- and the conversation is going to be nice, and calm, and PG -- what better time than when you’re sitting on your couch or laying in your bed?

What did you do while nursing?


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nonmember avatar FarmersWife

Walk a 5k, work 6hrs, dump a 50lb bag of grain. Couldn't live without my ergo carrier. My 11 month old barely eats solids and nurses A LOT

MamaD... MamaDV1012

Web surf and send text messages with my smart phone; REST!; hydrate; have a snack; read a book

Deweymom Deweymom

Read...I get sooooo much reading done while nursing. My kindle was my best purchase by far in 2012.

apewe81 apewe81

you forgot reading a book!!  I love reading and nursing is my excuse to be able to read. :D

nonmember avatar Audrey

Nursing takes a total of maybe ten minutes each time for me... I have a very fast eater. No need to find things to do.

nonmember avatar Meredith

Mostly I just stare at the perfect baby that all too soon will be running around! I cherish those moments so much and kinda feel like I'm missing something if I do other things while I nurse her.

Armyw... ArmywifeGMommy

How about  just enjoy the chance to sit and be STILL with my baby. I can't believe they didn't mention using the nursing time to connect and bond with your baby.  I could get away with doing lots of those things when my baby was a newborn, but at 10 months, he won't sit still if I'm doing anything else other than holding him. I have other children, too- so I can't  just check out whenever I go to nurse.  But I do enjoy taking the ten or fifteen minutes to just look at my sweet boy ;)

nonmember avatar d marie

I'd jus stare at my beautiful bbygirl.

kelli... kelliehelvie

slept... CM, FB, photo editing.


alyss... alysson99

I read when my son was nursing. I would get through a book every two or two and a half days.

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