Conjoined 9-Month-Old Twins Make Their Debut After Surgery (VIDEO)

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The holidays are going to be extra special for Shellie and Greg Tucker this year, as their formerly conjoined twins have made their debut as individual babies after being successfully separated at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia in November.

Shellie learned that she was pregnant with twins when she was 20 weeks along, but her heart immediately sank when she found out they were conjoined. But even though doctors recommended terminating the pregnancy, the Tuckers knew they had to at least try and give their baby girls a chance at life.

And now 9-month-old Amelia and Allison Tucker not only have a chance -- doctors are confident that they will go on to live happy and healthy lives as two separate little girls.

Watch the video clip below to hear more about their story and to see the twins -- you'll be pretty choked up by the end of it.


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Tissues, please! It's so nice to hear a story with a happy ending, and thinking about this family being together at home for the holidays makes me burst with joy.

I'm sure there were so many times throughout Shellie's pregnancy and after the girls were born when she and Greg never thought they'd actually see their little girls go on to have a normal childhood, so introducing them to the world had to be incredibly surreal.

These babies are such a beautiful miracle, and as was stated in the video, they're definitely two determined little fighters.

What well wishes would you like to send to this family?


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SaphireH SaphireH

im sorry but unless its life threatening with out a doubt the drs need to shove with their suggestions on ended the pregnancy over something so small like this or downs and yes i consider these minor set backs because majority of the twins that are conjoined can be separated and downs isnt horrible at all. let the parents tell the drs they want to end it or not they dont need to suggest it

tuffy... tuffymama

What Saphire said.

I really needed this story today. I wish those baby girls all the best, and I hope their parents can keep up with them LOL.

Mommy... Mommytosma

My heart is full of joy now, such a blessing little girl just in time for Christmas, I wish them all the best and a happy days a head of them, they are so cute

eetfbf eetfbf

lesbiansMy wish for this family is to always thank God he never gives us more than we can handle.Just enjoy your babies and give lots of love as we can see you already did by not getting rid of those precious joys.

tbsmy tbsmy

How beautiful the girls are,you r two lucky parents,take care of them babies!!!!God Bless you all..

S.Joh... S.Johnson1122

Such a beautiful miracle! They are gorgous!

Jasse... JassenRyane

God Bless that family <3 God was with them throughout the entire thing :)

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