Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose Think Marijuana & New Baby Are a Perfect Match

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Wiz Khalifa Amber RoseI have never believed the old malarkey that you are no fun after the baby comes. You can still be a cool couple if you put your mind to it. But it seems like Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa are taking their plans to stay true to their old selves a wee bit too far.

Their baby, they say, is going to know all about weed. Why, you might ask?

Well, this is all about nurture vs. nature for this couple. As Wiz said of his plans to keep the weed after the baby is born:

I think it's all about how you're raised with it. Before there was a much more negative outtake on it. You know, pot and what it can do, and the effects of it.

Soooo, because the baby will be raised around pot, he'll be open-minded about it? It's not the craziest thing I've ever heard (really, did you hear about the kid named Hashtag?).

But it's not the smartest either.

I'm not one of those "OMG, weed is the worst thing ever!" people. I'm actually supportive of marijuana legalization.

But as it stands, weed is still an illegal substance in most states. Although Wiz -- thank GOD -- says he won't be smoking it around the baby because of the health risks of smoke, the couple is openly admitting that they will engage in illegal activity around their child. They might as well give the CPS a jingle and invite them on in! In many states, simple possession of a controlled substance in the same space as a child is considered child abuse.

This is an important thing for all parents -- not just famous ones like Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa -- to face. Some things in life DO change after you have a baby. Sometimes it's getting rid of a beloved pet because your new little one is allergic. Sometimes it's getting rid of that sexy roadster because there is no room for a car seat. And sometimes, it's setting aside your weed.

Pot plus babies can equal a family nightmare. And it's just not worth it.

No matter how cool you think it is to have pot, no matter how careful you plan to be, the fact is, becoming a parent means you have to choose. Do you want the trappings of your old pre-baby lifestyle, or will you make the baby your priority? In the case of weed, if you don't put baby first, you could be watching your precious child carted out of the house and taken off to foster care, just like that.

Is the pot really more important than your baby?

Would you keep pot in the house with a baby? What have you had to give up since the baby came? 


Image via Pacific Coast News

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Sierr... SierraLynn

My mom is a heavy marijuana user. Has been my entire life. She is not physically additcted to it, but mentally is. She is a different person when she smokes and I've never liked it. I've never accepted it once I was old enough and figured out what she was doing. It ultimately led me to not see her as the adult figure she needed to be, because she was acting like a teenager. We don't have a good relationship and I think her addiction has a part in it. It lowers her reaction time and she is not capable of making good decisions, so she is not allowed to be alone with my children, ever.

mommy... mommy2annaliese

although I don't think weed is bad, and I think it should be legal, I DO NOT think that anyone should be around or taking care of an infant while on it. It's not a good mix, reaction times are slowed and you are just not..all there.  You are different when you smoke, and i think it can impair your ability to take care of your child. Where wiz lives, he gets medical marijuana and says he has a medical card for it, but the thing is there are still laws on medical, You cant drive under the influence of it, and what not. (you get a dui) with babies anything can go wrong, quick. It's just a bad idea. Maybe once the baby is born they will change their mind. And hopefully Amber is smoking during her pregnancy, because if they randomally decide to test her, federal law says they must open a CPS investigation and remove the child. So..not a good idea.

CPN322 CPN322

I'm sorry that happened to the first commentor but I hope she knows that that isn't always how it goes. A friend of mines parents smoked all while she was growing up and we never knew until senior year when she accidentally found their bowl. They are wonderful parents and I'm assuming only did it when she wasn't around because they were always the same around her. I am pro marijuana legalization but the author is right, it is still illegal and it is not worth the risk of losing your children. I also think that it isn't something you should do around your children but I also don't really like drinking around children and definitely don't like people smoking cigarettes around them. If/when it becomes legal, it should be just like alcohol and you shouldn't do it when you are the only person in the house taking care of your children.

Meghan Roark

I used to smoke socially before I was pregnant with my son. Honestly the thought to take it up again after he was born never even crossed my mind. I recognize that I percieve things differently when high and I don't feel comfortable with the thought of caring for my child while stoned. I want to be clear headed and aware of everything and as a parent it's my job to be there for him and to protect him. I don't feel like I would be able to do that if I still smoked. Maybe once their child is born they will feel differently.

blue82 blue82

Me and my boyfriend have got into so many arguments over this at the time his brother lived wit us smoked weed all the time had it in the home I was against it fully which caused us to argue becuz his argument was he was family short story he don't live wit us no more bcuz he had weed In the home repeatedly with my 1 year old in the home never will I allow an illegal substance in my home that will hurt or get her taken away from me family or not MY BABY COMES FIRST

jkm89 jkm89

Well where I live, we're moving out of the stone ages and recreational use of marijuana is legal.

Some people unwind with a glass of wine, I unwind with a bowl. And a bag of Cheetos or something lol!

Shiela Robinson

They need to move to WA. Weed is legal and WA is a beautiful place with great people, same sex marriage is legel her too.

spect... spectralmind

So if medically you use it you are a bad mother?

Well sucks for me. I have a severe orthopedic condition and I COULD take painkillers all day till my next joint replacement.  I choose not to. Yet I get judged all the time for not doing the "accepted" method. Yeah sure, let's be hopped up on painkillers all day long, because THAT doesn't impair you in any way and is clearly the superior option....yet people want me to do this instead all the time, simply because "pot is bad." I feel that my ability to anything is far greater impacted by painkillers, btw.

Pot is not a "drug."  It is a plant that you dry out and smoke, that's it. That Percocet and Vicodin are a true dangerous "drugs" as are heroin, cocaine, and other highly manufactured and refined drugs. In a perfect world, I wouldn't need any pain medication to manage my failing joints, but that's not the case.

 There isn't always such a clear cut answer when you are dealing with special situations. I do agree that if I was "normal" I wouldn't be too keen on someone smoking as much as I do. I do it because I have to, not because I want to. I'd rather just have a working body and not have to make a choice between either painkillers or smoking a puff or two here or there to manage pain, believe me lol :)

nonmember avatar heathertarryn06

would you carry your child drunk? or feed them drunk? or drive with them drunk? NO. so you shouldn't smoke pot around them either or while high. and pot is a drug. a drug is something is that is often an illegal substance that causes addiction, habitualtion, or a marked change in consciousness. pot does that. I know many people who can't function without it. and who do crazy stupid shit while doing it. it's like anything that can change the way you function sober. no child should have to live and see their parents like that. unless it's done for reasons that are medicinal, it shouldn't be legal. if you need a substance to "survive" in live, you need to re- evaluate your life as a whole cuz that's just pathetic.

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