A Beautiful Modern Nursery That Will Warm Your Heart

Goodness knows I am a sucker for modern design, but I totally get how it can seem a little ... sterile at times. When I spotted this nursery done for baby Alice, my heart skipped a beat because it seems to have a magically wonderful mix of warm and welcoming modern style with a vintage flair, things not often found existing together in the same room!

Click through below to see more of what I mean! 


Swooning over that geometric mobile, and equally attracted to that natural stained dresser-turned-changing-table. Potted plants in a baby's room? Of course!

The Expedit makes an appearance -- not that I'm surprised. I love a good IKEA staple, don't you? Notice the light fixture? I like it!

Matryoshka dolls are a guilty pleasure of mine. They're just so delicate and detailed, and look right at home in this space.

Mom Kate runs an Etsy shop where she makes cute stuffed animals like that giraffe pictured above. You can see more of her delightful things at Tiny Warbler Designs.

Check out more photos and details of Alice's nursery.

I think this nursery makes the most of its modern touches and evolves them into an inviting space where you want to stay and hang out a bit. What about you?  


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