Mom Uses Hidden Recording Device to Catch Dad Abusing Baby

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car seatWhat would you do if you thought someone was abusing your child? How about bugging the baby's car seat to catch the abuser in the act? That's what one mom did before sending her 7-month-old to one of his regular visits with Dad.

Extreme? Maybe, but it worked. The father is now the subject of a child abuse investigation.

Suddenly doesn't sound so crazy, does it?

The sad fact is, child custody arrangements are supposed to be made with the child's best interests at heart, but it's not always so. You need evidence that your ex is an unfit parent to get custody yanked, but that's hard to come by ... especially when you have a 7-month-old who can't exactly communicate that Daddy is a bad, bad man. 

So what do you do? Refuse to send your child on visits with Dad? It sounds like the "smart" option, until you consider that it's illegal to violate a court order. Mom does that, and now she is being carted off to jail, leaving the child with ... you guessed it ... dear old Dad.

What this mother did was risky. She sent her baby boy into the lion's den, knowing there was the chance he might be abused, that the recording device in his car seat might capture something awful. And the way the cops tell it, the little guy came out with injuries serious enough to require an ambulance ride to a hospital for treatment.

It hurts my heart to think of him in pain. And yet, I throw myself behind this mom 100 percent. What she did could prevent years of pain for this little guy.

What would you do? Would you have risked sending the child out with dad again?


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Tiffany Altieri

I would do it in a heartbeat - but then I would do anything to protect my child.  I suspect most moms will have the same sentiment.

stron... strongerwtime

Glad she was able to do it and find out the truth. 

early... earlybird11

Good for this mom for standing up and doing what was right. Chances r he abused others. Including her... And many are scared to speak out

Jeannine Gillis Hixon

I would of done that in a heart beat!!!! i would say any normal parent would do anything to protect there children... props to this mom


Pagan... PaganMommy04

I think she did the smartest thing she could for her baby.  I can't imagine how much it must have hurt her to send him to his father's knowing that he could and probably would be hurt, but bless her for having the smarts to think of a way to have it caught in the act! 

doodledo doodledo

Good for her. And lets hope this poor little baby will not have to suffer abuse any longer.

Kathrynn Caruthers

She now has thesolid proof sheneede3d to get custody yanked.  Thankfully this baby wasn't killed. yes, it was risky, but in theend he won't be able to abuse thisprecous baby any more. Glad shegot the proof sheneeded. And I pray for theirsafety

nonmember avatar Michelle

If more parents had done this, think of the lives that could've been saved!! So many children have been killed while visiting a parent, that it shocks me. I hope more people do stuff like this. It might cut down on child deaths by an abusive parent!

nonmember avatar Lashelle Cobb

There is a special place for that no good dog & that mother shall b abundantly blessed for her heroic bravery Lord please watch over that little angel smh

MomOf... MomOf2AndAZoo

I think what she did was good in the fact that the 'father' was busted for child abuse, but the better thing to do would have been to tell the police what she thought was going on, so they could listen in on the 'bug' and be ready to take the guy down immediately so the poor baby wasn't left to suffer the abuse all day. I hope he heals quickly & never has to go through anything like that ever again.

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