6 Ways to Soothe Your Baby While He's Getting Shots

crying babyOMG. Is there anything worse than having to take your baby to the doctor to get a round of shots? Even though we all know getting their scheduled immunizations is necessary to maintain their health, it still breaks every mom's heart to watch her precious baby get poked with a needle and burst into tears.

I can remember just how much I dreaded the doctor's visits when my son got his vaccines, and there were plenty of times that I almost cried even harder than he did.

I would've done anything to take the pain away from him, just as I'm sure all moms would.

And that's why it's pretty interesting to hear that sugar may help comfort babies while they're receiving their shots.


A new study found that babies who were given a sugary solution to drink while getting their vaccines cried a lot less than infants who were given water. And while researchers can't for sure say whether or not the sugar actually relieves pain, something about it must help to soothe the babies if they are crying less after having it.

Of course, I think most moms would agree that giving a baby sugar isn't exactly the most ideal scenario, especially if you're trying to avoid introducing sweet tastes for as long as possible.

While sugar might be worth a shot to make getting vaccines a little easier on you and your baby, there are some other tricks you can try to comfort your little one instead.

Breastfeeding -- A lot of moms swear by this one, and it's not hard to understand why breastfeeding your baby while he's getting a vaccine would make him more focused on eating versus that strange needle coming toward him.

Blankie or Stuffed Animal -- I would often bring one of my son's favorite "lovies" to hold up and show to him right before the doctor pricked him. It wasn't foolproof, but it did seem to help take his mind off the sting.

Ibuprofen -- My doctor always told me that it was ok to give my little guy a dose of infant ibuprofen about an hour before our scheduled appointment to help ease the pain from the shots. (But check with your pediatrician first.)

Pacifier -- If your baby is a "paci" baby, then you'll definitely want to have one on hand for immunizations. Pacis are already a comfort, so it can't hurt to pop one in before the shot is administered.

Singing -- I tried this one with my son too and it did seem to help. I would make eye contact with him and sing to him sweetly during vaccine appointments. If nothing else, maybe my voice served as a calming influence?

Do you have any other tips for soothing babies during immunizations?


Image via I Should Be Folding Laundry/Flickr

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