Gisele Bundchen & Tom Brady Welcome Baby Girl -- Prepare to Feel Like Crap, Moms! (VIDEO)

gisele bundchenGisele Bundchen and Tom Brady welcomed their second child into the world on Wednesday -- a little girl. Congrats! Details about Gisele's birth are yet to be released, but we know the newest addition, unsurprisingly, was born at home, as their first son Benjamin was. Gisele has been extremely outspoken about her stance on natural birth and parenting. But some comments she's made have been downright controversial -- and they've enraged people. See, Gisele isn't just a fan of homebirths and breastfeeding -- she will make you feel like crap if you haven't done either (or if you gained a significant amount of weight during your pregnancy).

But before we get to the stuff that's going to fire everyone up, let's get to the fun part: Baby girl's name! (Hint: Tom and Gisele took a page from the book of Hollywood's other ridiculously gorgeous couple.)

Vivian! Vivian Lake Brady. As in Vivienne Jolie-Pitt. The spellings are different, but the name's the same. Apparently that's the name to give incredibly genetically-blessed baby girls in Hollywood. I like it! (Though I will say, I'm kind of partial to Brad and Angie's spelling.)

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Anyway, like I said, controversy is bound to come from something Gisele says in the future. After all, this is the woman who said that her first birth "didn't hurt in the slightest", as well as stating that she thinks formula should be illegal. Oh, she also said that women shouldn't use pregnancy to turn themselves into "human garbage disposals." (She also said that the reason the Patriots lost the Super Bowl was because her husband "can't throw and catch the ball." But that's unrelated.)

I'm sure in the upcoming weeks, we'll hear all about Gisele's latest birth -- hopefully, everything went smoothly and easily. And I'm sure we'll hear comments from the outspoken model about how if you want to give birth in a different way, you're wrong. Here we go!

What do you think of this? Did you have a natural birth? Would you tell others how to give birth?

*** Editor's Note: A previous version of this post wrongly attributed a quote about hospital birth to Bundchen.

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Katie Hesney Johnson

Although her sancti-mommy stances have pissed me off, I'm glad that she gave birth safely, and I love the name Vivan. Very classic, and very normal. 

Congrats to Tom and Gisele, baby girls are truly a blessing!

Katie Hesney Johnson

Oh, and to answer your question: I had a C-Section, and I'm never ashamed to tell people when they ask. All that matters in the end is that my baby girl was healthy : )

I can understand the want for some people for them to do a natural home birth, but for my personal preferences, it's just not for me : )

zandh... zandhmom2

My second birth was natural...but not by my choice. LOL.  My daughter just couldn't wait to be born.  I don't understand why women let other women make them feel bad about how much weight they gain or not, how they give birth or how they feed their babies.  I never worried about what others thought about me or my choices.  I have two very healthy kids (now 17 & 12) and I don't think anyone could look at them and tell how they came into this world and what they were fed.  And on her name, I like it but I agree I like the spelling better by Brad and Angie but that's just my opinion.

nonmember avatar kaerae

You know how whenever you see a kid who was born via C-section you're all.."ohhh, how sad!"....yeah, me neither. Also, how low would your self-esteen have to be to for this story to make you feel like crap. Supermodels aren't the only moms who don't get stretch marks and get thin again easily. Only about 50% of women get stretch marks, and I know many skinny mommies in real life. Where do you live that you think this is an anomaly? Sad for you.

Sirena Robinson

I think that a lot of moms hear of someone having this "ideal" birthing experience, which, let's be honest, most of us would have liked to have had. I know I wanted an intervention free birth, no epidural, no pitocin, no IV, nothing. But it didn't happen because I had to be induced on an emergency basis to keep from crushing my daughter to death with my uterus. However, Gisele, HAS had those ideal experiences, and I think that she can't understand the other side of it. Some moms DO act like a human garbage disposal, and I know one woman who is still formula feeding her daughter even though she's allergic to it. She doesn't believe in breastfeeding. Babies are "supposed" to get formula.  IMHO, that SHOULD be illegal, because it's jeopardizing the LIFE of her child. Everyone has an opinion, and I personally think it's great that Gisele is so passionate about natural childbirth and trusting our bodies and letting them do what they know how to do. I'm sorry, I had one, and I can tell you a pitocin birth is violent. Just because we don't like how she said it, doesn't mean what she says has merit.

dirti... dirtiekittie

what works for her is good for her. but her way is not the only way, and those who subscribe to other methods have no reason to feel bad about themselves as women or mothers. one person's experience cannot and should not dictate experiences for all women. 

and personally, i don't like the name vivian. but that was the name of a close family member's gf that we all hated, so i'm a little biased. lol 

Meghan Rogers

I actually agree with most things she says. There are plenty of people who follow her same ideals. People only have an issue with her because of her celebrity status. I have never actually seen her say "if you don't do this, then you are a bad mom." Just because somebody states their OPINION and you take it to heart isn't their problem. The way you react is completely up to you. Leave her alone. Everybody is just pissed off that they can't be more like her. 

three... threeforme157

She seems a bit crazy so her opinions don't bother me.  She is probably really hungry too so she has to come up with things to obsess on so she won't think about food.

Megan Bauchle Layaw

Good for her! 

And once again, ignorance is showing here on The Stir. Gisele's statements can only be taken offensively if you're feeling defensive about it. Her birth is for her. Her pregnancy diet is for her. Those who are informed on childbirth and know what a true, natural childbirth the way nature intended it to be also know that most hospital births are filled with violent fear-filled interventions, fear-mongering for the convenience of the OB, and are geared to be SO far from what is best for mother and baby it is criminal. Only the ignorant will be upset by her opinions.

Maris... MarissaMikey09

I wanted to have a natural child birth when i first found out that i was pregnant. But when i was 20 i was hospitalized with a pulmonary embolism ( blood clot in the lung). So they found out i had a blood clot disorder. So i could go any farther than 40 weeks so i was induced at 39 weeks. I had several complications with too many contractions when i was not far along so i had to get an epidural to calm me down from the pain. I also had 2 count them 2 catheters put in. One to stretch my uterus so i could move along faster and when i got the epidural. BUT  i had a very healthy baby girl. I was very happy with my hospital stay they kept me safe. I could have bleed out and died if they wouldn't have kept me safe. 

And my husband still loves me for who i am with the extra 25 pounds i haven't lost yet :)kissing

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