Vibrating Baby Monitor Could Save Your Sleeping Baby's Life

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SnuzaThe first time I babysat my niece, I think I checked her about every five minutes to make sure she was still breathing. I was absolutely paranoid something horrible would happen the first time I was alone with her. I was terrified of SIDS. Nothing did go wrong, thankfully, but a new gadget that's designed to give parents more peace of mind while babies sleep might have helped.

The Snuza Hero is a device that clips onto your sleeping baby's diaper, and uses a motion detector to constantly monitor your baby's movement. What a great idea!

The Snuza Hero looks like the perfect monitor to help worried parents take a deep breath and relax instead of checking to make sure the baby is okay over and over. (If they can help it...) If the device hasn't detected any motion for 10 seconds, it vibrates in an attempt to wake the child. If there's no movement after 20 seconds, an alarm sounds to alert the parents.

According to a writer over at Gizmodo, "Snuza's vibrations are apparently subtle enough not to complete wake them from their slumber. And even if it does, a crying baby is far better than the sound of an alarm alerting you there's something wrong." Yes, yes it is.

The monitor retails for $129.99, but it's for sale over at Amazon for $106, and all of the reviews so far are positive. I think I know what I'm getting the new mothers on my list for Christmas.

Would you try the Snuza Hero to monitor your baby while sleeping?


Image via Snuza

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power... powertothekids

great idea,it whould laso have a microphane that uploads to a comp

cmjaz cmjaz

Good idea

julie... julie21210

I had an Angelcare monitor for my son. It's the same idea. It came with a "monitor" for lack of a better word... A thing that went under his mattress and monitor every tiny movement down his breathing, if it didn't detect anything.g for twenty second an alarm rent off on both ends, I only has two false alarms with it (which made my heart stop) because he had scooched up into the corner of the crib in a lil ball. I would imagine this thing might fall off kinda easy .... Although in reality from what I understand about SIDS, even if you got there Immediately you wouldn't be able to revive the baby, that's y its so terrifying

SuzyB... SuzyBarno

Don't think I would use that. That thing looks uncomfortable to clip onto a babies diaper. So it attempts to wake the baby? Great! So if there is no problem, now your baby was woken for no reason. I get that some people are really paranoid for SIDS and some babies might need extra monitoring(ie premie's) but if you take all the precautionary measures to prevent SIDS then you don't need one of these ridiculous monitors. I know SIDS is a reality and a sad one at that but just like the above poster said, you might be too late anyway once the alarm goes off.

winte... winterbaby10

I had an angelcare monitor when my dd was a baby and it did the same kind of thing and it was great.



Lisa Schneider

I love my angel care monitor. I don't know if it would help for sids but if babyaccidentaly suffocates cpr might work. I looked into the clip ons and didn't like them as much.

UgtaB... UgtaBkdnMe

No thanks, I don't what my kid "vibrated" every 10 seconds.

nonmember avatar Jalissa

We have one and have used it everyday since our 6 month old was born. It is great. We have only had two false alarms. For those comments only vibrates if no movement is detected after 10 seconds, it doesn't just vibrate every 10 seconds for no reason.

aom1112 aom1112

As a new mother who keeps checking on her daughter, I would have gotten one. Even if I still check every few minutes myself.

Forev... ForeverInLove

If my child has some sort of health condition in which they are prone to stopping breathing, then I would consider it.

But, on a child with no health condition, No. Children aren't meant to sleep away from their parents. The US's practice of it is ... third world? Not the right words, but, if you look at SIDS statistics in the US, compared to counteries where children co-sleep with parents from birth, or even sleep in the same room as the parents from birth, the rates are much lower. Why? Baby requires their parent to remind them to keep breathing. Baby is VERY in tune with their mother, in particular, and their mother's breath and heart rate at night, are what reminds their body to keep breathing. 

Since my children either co-sleep, or sleep in something immediately next to my bed, there really is no need for this. 

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