10 Brutally Honest Cards for New Mothers

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cards for new momsHave you looked for a new baby card lately? Well, I did yesterday, and it took me 20 minutes to settle on something completely mediocre. Where were the honest ones? The non-sugar coated congratulatory wishes? The funny? They were nowhere to be found, so I came up with some messages of my own.

Hallmark, are you listening?

1. Congratulations! You're about to be held hostage against your will for the next 18 years!

2. Mazel tov! Your vagina will never be the same.

3. Congratulations ... Better you than me.

4. You're having a girl ... Start locking up your makeup and jewelry now!

5. It's a boy! And he is going to be DISGUSTING!

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6. Celebrate! From this moment on, nothing belongs to YOU anymore.

7. Best wishes with your bundle of joy. You're going to need it!

8. Congratulations! My vagina aches just thinking about you!

9. Congrats! Being a mother is going to kick your ass.

10. I heard you're pregnant ... Good luck with that.


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nonmember avatar pcp3

I always wanted to find one that said "Welcome to your new tax deduction"

the4m... the4mutts

Glad that YOU think you're funny. Someone needs to.

nikki... nikkivolkov

I thought some of these were funny too. But I like sarcastic humor. Would I give any of these? I would numbers 1, 4, and 5. But ofcourse I'd write something sentimental also.

nonmember avatar Gretta

Meh. Weak.

poshkat poshkat

Lol. I was just laughing with my friend who just Had baby last week about gross babies and still looking pregnant

c_gal... c_galvan87

Lol! those are funny

Jacqueline Stevason

Cute. Just had #2 4 weeks ago, so if I got one of these I'd laugh :)

Cassandra Huber

Lol!! Boys ARE disgusting!!! But on the other hand having a son is the most fun time of your life, as girls are whiny and needy and are bossy as they get older, even though there are awesome parts to raising a girl, just don't have a daughter so I haven't found that out yet!  Being a mom of an awesome little boy rocks, disgustingness and all!!! 

Cassandra Huber

And those who act uptight and can't laugh about this, I feel sorry for you, as humor is the best medicine, and wihout humor, life is terrible!!!

Bunny Lee DuChemin Wilson

This is not only not funny....it's deameaning to mothers, and anyone who would come up with these sorts of things, probably should refrain from having children as they clearly do not realize or appreciate the huge blessing it would be to them.

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