Soldier's Wife Gives Their Baby Away & He's Desperate to Get Her Back

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baby handThis may be one of the most disturbing adoption stories I've read in a long time. A man named Terry Achane was away from home on duty as a soldier in the United States Army when his wife gave birth to their daughter and then promptly put the baby up for adoption, allegedly doing so without ever telling Terry it was happening. It goes against everything adoption is meant to do and then some ...

Now Jared and Kristi Frei, the people who brought little Leah home and thought she was legally their daughter, are in a fight against a dad who just wants his little girl back.

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I can't help thinking of little Leah (or as her biological father had named her before her birth, Teleah) here. Adoption is supposed to be about the kids and what is in their best interests, and this case has done anything but give this little girl a good start in life.

Adoption isn't a game. It's not a means for biological parents to exact some sick sort of revenge on someone else. It's a way for biological parents and would-be adoptive parents to come together with a common goal: to give a child a great life.

My heart hurts for Terry Achane and for Jared and Kristi Frei, who have been ordered to give the girl back to her dad in 60 days, because one person didn't understand what this was all about: Tira Bland, Achane's now ex-wife, who allegedly set this whole adoption scheme up behind his back.

Bland and Achane were apparently having marital troubles when he left their home in Texas to take a job as a drill instructor at Fort Jackson in South Carolina. But with Bland pregnant with their first child (her second), Achane left home with the understanding that he'd be coming back to be by her side during the delivery. He'd even gotten permission from his commanding officers.

But then it all changed. Bland put the kid up for adoption, and somehow it went through without dad's consent.

It sounds an awful lot like a woman got hella pissed at her man and decided to screw him over. Only instead of burning his clothes or putting a baseball bat through his window like some average woman scorned, she put his child up for adoption. She literally used a human being as a pawn in a game!

And who was hurt here? Those poor adoptive parents who thought their dreams had come true when they got their little girl. The biological father. And worst of all, that poor child.

Sadly, fixing this situation is too late. No matter who "gets" Leah in the end, too many people have been hurt. But here's hoping this sends a message to people who would use adoption for anything other than helping a child.

What do you think should be done here?


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jalaz77 jalaz77

Wow that birth person, not a parent but person is pretty messed up to do something like that. So they were having marital problems...USE PROTECTION!!!! Who ok'd this adoption anyways....I hope that dad gets that baby back.

dirti... dirtiekittie

i would imagine she gave some sob story about a one night stand and not being able to take care of the baby to get around his whole permission thing. it's still terrible, and my heart goes out to those impacted by this selfish woman's actions. i think that the baby should definitely be with her father, but i can certainly understand why that would be so hard to accept for the adoptive parents. what a terrible situation. i hope the woman has to do some time or community service or that there is SOME kind of punishment for this crap she pulled. 

KaraE... KaraElizabeth

I think it should start with a paternity test if it has yet to be confirmed. Sounds like the mom was being shady to get rid of an "affair baby" before her husband could find out. I hope Leah ends up with the people/person who will love her forever and take good care of her. I feel bad for everyone hurt in this situation.

Letitia Savanah Anthony

So i think tis lady should get in to some trouble. How dare you do that to anybody. in my eyes she should not be able to have kids.

minty... mintymommy

I volunteer to punch the birth mother in the back of the head.

I feel so badly for the dad, and the adoptive parents. 


Jane Hollingsworth Mclaughlin

Not to defend the woman who gave birth but Who leaves a pregnant woman alone and doesnt come back for 9 months??? He doesn't exactly sound like father of the year himself!! You have problems.. stick around and work them out.. especially if there is a pregnancy!! I say leave the baby with the adoptive parents!!

breez... breezy2005

That is just wrong as can be. Birth-mom needs to be put under the jail after she is fixed so she can never have another child at all. 2nd who ever the lawyer's that handle ths case needs there butt delt with as well. Someone did a sorry job on their paper work. I too have a child that I adopted and it's not a week's worth of paper work to be done when adoptng a child.

I feel really bad for the adopted parents and for the bio-dad.

nonmember avatar AvonbyKellyM

I am sry I know it is hard for the adoptive parents but the child needs to go back to the father. Perhaps he will be nice enough to allow them to visit her but it is not a requirement cause the lil girl is his and not theirs. How can a woman do this to all these people. it is sad. She should get jail time or something for this but watch she will probably only get a slap on the wrist. I hope the military helps him in every way to get the woman convicted of whatever crime they can use for this situation.

Cassy Chesser

Um... Jane?  You should really go crawl back underneath your rock.  He didn't LEAVE her.  He is in the MILITARY.  It's part of the job, idiot.  

nonmember avatar penny

Wow. I cant imagine giving up any of my 4 children no matter what the reason. Seems to me like a very selfish act to say the least. And when the army says go thats their duty no matter whats going on at home. So to say hes wrong for leaving remember the army comes first...just ask them. My husband was gone the first 6 mos of my pregnancy.

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