Baby Recovered From Brain Tumor With Daily Dose of Marijuana (VIDEO)

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baby marijuanaAnyone who has ever known and loved someone using chemotherapy knows just what a toxic cocktail those drugs truly are. So when faced with the idea that an 8-month-old baby could go through those horrific  side effects or try something else, namely marijuana, to treat a brain tumor, my money is on the "something else" every time.

This is exactly the question parents of an 8-month-old baby were faced with recently when they opted to treat their baby with cannabinoid oil (a form of marijuana) on the baby's pacifier twice a day. Within two months the tumor had shrunk so dramatically that the baby's doctor's did not have to use chemo. Amazing, no?

As a mom, I understand it might be a little more controversial, but I also watched my own mother have painful mouth sores, debilitating nausea, hair loss, and complete misery because of chemo. And in the end, she died anyway.  Anything that could avoid that sounds good to me.


The fact is, traditional treatment is incredibly hard on the body. Make no mistake about it. Marijuana and its derivatives have a bad reputation for obvious reasons, but they are actually much healthier than many traditional cancer treatment methods.

Personally, I only knew about its application in the treatment of nausea from chemo, but if it can also help treat the disease itself or even shrink the tumors, who WOUDLN'T try it? What can it hurt? 

A child whose choices are already so limited ought to have parents who are open-minded enough to seek the most natural treatment possible. It is surprising and different, sure, but why not try it?

As parents, we owe it to our kids to do everything we can for them. It may feel counterintuitive to use "illegal" drugs to help them, but in many cases, marijuana can be a miracle. Who is to say what you would do if it was your child with a brain tumor?

The long term effects of marijuana on a baby are probably unknown, but the long term effects of chemotherapy may be just as harmful, if not even worse. At least cannabis can be grown safely and organically and given in as natural a state as possible.

Ordinarily I would frown on parents giving any kind of substance to a baby, but a baby with a brain tumor is another kind of story. In this case, the cannabis helped. Maybe this is the beginning of less invasive treatment methods with fewer side effects. Wouldn't that be a miracle for ALL children?

Would you give your baby cannabinoid oil?


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harym... harymarshman

If it would save her life and give her less pain, in a heartbeat.

divam... divamomtjcj

instantly if it would help

2cent... 2centsCDN

"Marijuana and its derivatives have a bad reputation for obvious reasons,"

What would those "obvious " reasons be? The only reason I see it having a bad reputation is because it is illegal. Study after study has proven that this all natural herb can help many different medical problems and yet most people can't seem to get passed that some people will smoke it for recreation. Perhaps we'd be better off looking to nature for more of our medicines instead of relying on the wealthy pharmaceutical companies to pump us full of chemicals.

Megan Lee

"Marijuana and its derivatives have a bad reputation for obvious reasons,"
Please list those reasons?
How many deaths have been caused by marijuana?
How many people do you know who are completely dependant on it (like cigarettes)
How many people have to legitimately (not because they've been given an ulitimatum of jail or rehab) gone to rehab for addiction to marijuana?
The only reason it isn't being used is because big pharma companies can't exactly control the distribution of it, they also won't be making the big $$ off of something that grows in the ground, not in a lab.
Welcome to a world controlled by greed and money...

nonmember avatar Common.Sense

Megan, to answer your questions.... How many deaths? Look up how many people have driven stoned or done something catastrophically stupid while under the influence. People get themselves killed while high all the time! How many people are completely dependent on it? Uh, stoners ARE dependent on it. They make it their lifestyle and they say "Oh its harmless and I can quit whenever, but I just wanna get my 20th bong hit in today!" Their lives, jobs, and hobbies fall by the wayside as they keep toking up again and again. How many have gone to rehab? No idea. Most morons cling to the idea that it's harmless, so they don't seek the help they obviously need. Please get your facts straight. Drugs are DANGEROUS.

we2an... we2angels

Brain tumors are notorious for coming back, I do hope hers is gone but it may not be a cure.

And yes I'd give my child anything if I thought it would save their life

Stephanie Hutchins

i wld do it for my son no dout.... nothing bad has ever come fom marijuana except the fact its ilegal for no good reason. alcohol is much more deadly and yet its legal. no one has ever over dosed unless u are able to consume 256 lbs in 15mins which is impossible. the only reason its not legal is becuase you cannot tax it. there is nothng bad about i wld rather let my child go through a few days of marijuana than to c my child suffer through chemo.

shade... shade.lotus

My DS may have inherited his fathers severe adhd, his father since the age of 7 has been on methalphenedat er. Legal speed type meds. And made him act like a jerk. When he didn't have his meds he was 10x worse. I would have to find marijuana for him and it helped him WAY more than his meds. If my son ever has it as bad as his father did I would rather give him cannabis oil. If my son ever had any form of.cancer there would be no hesitation. I've lost 4 people in my family to cancer ill never lose my son.

Stephanie Hutchins

also to answer the person right below megan... MARIJUANA IS NOT A DRUG!!! a drug is defined by the chemicals in it... marijuana is a plant thank you and "stoners" are not dependant on it. it actually relives joint pain from those hobbies or sports that cause pain and i personaly dont see any of those being a drug and calms the nerves fom those stressfull days at "work" and harldy ever do u here accidents that have hurt someone bc they were stoned.... its more like drunk and under the infulance dosnt mean pot. it also means perscription drugs or any other thing with chemicals in it. Once again it is not a "drug" its a plant. im not a user but you shldnt judge the people who are. so please lady get your facts straight.

nonmember avatar michelle

Common sense... you have no sense....

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