Baby & Husky Dog Sing a Blues Duet & Capture Our Hearts in the Process (VIDEO)

husky and baby sing

Whoever said that dogs often have a hard time adjusting to having a baby in the house obviously hasn't seen the YouTube video that's going viral of a baby girl and a husky literally singing the blues together.

Ok, so maybe they're not intentionally singing the blues, but that's kind of what it sounds like. Either that, or they're having some sort of conversation in a secret language that only they can understand.

Whatever the case, it's absolutely priceless -- and a total must-watch.


Here it is -- get ready to laugh and likely wind up with a good case of perma-grin.


OMG. Are you dying over the cuteness? I loved how the dog almost seemed to be trying to outdo the baby with his (or her?) vocal skills, and when the baby started clapping because she was so happy that the dog was playing with her, my heart melted a little bit.

And how funny was it when the husky got sick of the whole deal and walked off at the end? He'd either had enough of music practice for one day, or he started to get a little irritated that he hadn't yet received a treat for his performance.

Man. This video kind of makes me want a dog, a baby, or both.

(Actually, scratch that. I'll just watch the clip over and over again to get my fix.)

Do your pets and your baby ever interact like this?


Image via danm923/YouTube

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