10 Best & Worst Places to Be Born in 2013

baby handHad a baby lately? I've got good news and bad news for you. The United States isn't the worst place in the world for a baby to be born. Then again, it's not the best either.

In fact, being born in the old U.S. of A. isn't a whole lot better than coming into the world in certain Middle Eastern countries! At least, that's the word from the Economist Intelligence Unit, a sister company of the magazine The Economist, that decided to look at everything from geography to the political climate of countries around the world to determine whether kids have a chance at health, safety, and prosperity in their birth countries. 

Any guesses whose babies have got it made in the shade?


The Swiss! The home of the cheese, fancy watches, fabulous chocolate, and neutrality is the best place in the entire world to be a baby in the coming year. Hmm ... thinking of my baby growing up to be a banker ...

The United States, on the other hand, falls at 16 and we're tied with Germany for that spot. It's not awful ... we're nothing like Nigeria, which comes in the very worst at 80. But still, for a country I'm pretty darn proud of, it's a little depressing. We bring kids into the world with such hopes and dreams for them. At the very least, we want to provide them with the best start in life.

Wonder where things are better? Or worse? Here's a look at the top 10 on either end of the spectrum:

Best Places for a Baby (in descending order from the very, very best):

  1. Switzerland
  2. Australia
  3. Norway
  4. Sweden
  5. Denmark
  6. Singapore
  7. New Zealand
  8. Netherlands
  9. Canada
  10. Hong Kong

And now for the worst (in ascending order from the very, very worst):

  1. Nigeria
  2. Kenya
  3. Ukraine
  4. Bangladesh
  5. Angola
  6. Pakistan
  7. Kazakhstan
  8. Syria
  9. Russia
  10. Indonesia

Where are you and your baby living? Are you surprised the US isn't on the top 10 list?


Image via MrGreen09/Flickr

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