12 Genuinely Awesome Baby Gifts Under $20

Nicole Fabian-Weber Hot List

memory gameThis Christmas will be my first as a mom, and let me tell you, it is taking a fair amount of will power to not rack up my credit card bill with things my 7-month-old daughter will have exactly zero appreciation for, but would look so cute wearing or playing with. Essentially, they'd be gifts for me. So, I'm not going to do that. I will not run out and spend a million dollars on her first Christmas, A) because I don't have a million dollars, and B) like I said, she's 7 months old. I'm sure she'll be fine eating wrapping paper.

Of course, I am going to buy her some things, though. I'm just going to be smart about my purchases -- a bit frugal even. And I've found seriously -- no, seriously -- cool baby gifts that won't cost you upward of $20. Seriously.

Whether you've got a little one of your own, or you need to buy for a friend, this list is all you need.


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