Kelsey Grammer Offers Lame Excuse for Not Putting Baby in a Car Seat (VIDEO)

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Kelsey Grammer and Kayte WalshI have plenty of problems with Kelsey Grammer, but this latest move should outrage even his devoted fans (if he still has any?). He and his wife Kayte Walsh were spotted outside LAX yesterday with their adorable 4-month-old daughter, Faith. Cameras rolled as they got into their chauffeured car, made sure their coffees were on board, and then drove off ... without putting Faith in any kind of car seat.

It's absolutely unthinkable that they could have done it, as we all know absolutely dangerous it is to drive with a child in a car unrestrained EVER. Not only that, it's illegal. If nothing else, you'd think they would have learned something from the whole Britney Spears debacle a few years back. Surely they couldn't be that clueless and careless, could they?

Well, footage from TMZ seems to indicate that yes, perhaps they may be. Watch it after the jump.


I see no car seat, do you? And there's really no excuse for that ... though, of course, they have one -- however flimsy it may be. This afternoon Kelsey's rep told E! News they didn't actually leave the airport without her in a car seat. Apparently they were trying to avoid the paparazzi and Kelsey went back in to get the car seat and met up with them somewhere later to install it. The rep said:

Did the car drive a few yards without the car seat? Yes. At no time does the video show them leaving the airport with the baby not in the car seat.

Well, at least there's that. I don't give them much credit, but I think they're smart enough not to drive the streets of L.A. without Faith in a car seat -- especially with cameras filming them.  But they shouldn't have driven at ALL with that baby unsecured. Airports are some of the most dangerous places to drive as people have no clue what they're doing most of the time. So even if they were just circling around for awhile, it's still way too big of a risk to take.

I'm sure they didn't think it was a big deal, but no one ever plans to be in a car accident. They happen when you least expect them. So you have to be prepared and do your best to keep your children safe -- and that means car seats. It's not always convenient, but it's always the right thing to do.

Do you think it's a big deal if they drove around the airport without a car seat?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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tuffy... tuffymama

I don't think it's your business. If a CRIME was committed, maybe the police will check up on them. Otherwise, leave them alone. Leave his kids alone. Pick on him for being a fickle-hearted cheating bastard, but leave his kids out of it. If the disgusting paparazzi would leave the kids out of it, then things like this wouldn't happen. Period.

Pinkmani Pinkmani

Quit judging other parents! So what if they didn't put the baby in the car seat, does it affect you? I think not. 

Sirena Robinson

I think we have ALL at one point or another, done exactly what they did. My grandmother lives 100 yards from my house, and it's a private driveway, and if I have to stop there before leaving to go to town, I'll hold my LO in my lap. It's much less hassle than putting her into the seat for LITERALLY 10 seconds, and then getting her back out. Saves us both a lot of hassle. If they didn't go out onto the street, I don't see the huge deal. And which is more dangerous? 10 yards in a slow moving, professionally driven car, or being swarmed by papparzzi?

Jscot... Jscott1216

He's a lame pos?! How's that for an excuse? Can't stand him and like the kardashians wish he would just disappear!

jhslove jhslove

This is a bad idea, sure. But unless they're doing this habitually (and for longer distances than a jaunt around the parking lot), I'm not inclined to judge. When my daughter was three months old, we went to visit my parents and I relized in the middle of the (long) drive from the airport to their house that I hadn't strapped her into her car seat. Yes, she was technically IN the seat, but there was nothing holding her into it. Was it stupid and careless? Yes, but I think we all make mistakes like this occasionally. It never happened again, but if you were to see one isolated photo of this instance you would likely think I was a complete moron and unfit parent. Unless this happens regularly, I'd reserve judgment.

Oh, and for the recond, I think Kelsey Grammer is the biggest douchecanoe on the planet.

sassy... sassykat122

At first thought I was like "it doesn't matter how far if it's public streets (even airport streets) its against the law. But I surely wouldn't want a microscope on my parenting decisions, I am sure people would be able to find those things I did wrong and only look at that

Autum... Autumnjean26

I could see being all frazzled with the paparazzi right there and just wanting to get out of there. As long as they weren't driving down the 5 with baby on their lap, I don't think this is a big deal.

quinn007 quinn007

Considering they just got railed on everywhere for taking their infant to a Playboy party you'd think they'd be a little more careful about their public parenting.  And I wouldn't drive 10 feet at LAX without strapping my kid in, traffic at any airport is nuts.

power... powertothekids

i was in a car seat when i was two- because my brother was using the only one

nonmember avatar Mominabigtruck

So, even though they're doing something that could potentially kill their child it's no one else's business and they should just be left alone? I'm always amazed by the excuses people comes up with to cover for their poor parenting, sounds like there's quite a few of those parents here.

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