5-Month-Old Chokes on Fingernail -- Found in His Baby Food!

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We've seen plenty of gross stories about finding alien objects in food: A severed finger in a sandwich, a frog in a salad. But finding something in your child's baby food?!? Gross AND dangerous! Poor little Theodore Bovington choked on a fingernail in his baby food the other day, according to his father, Christopher Bovington. And yes, it was terrifying.

He describes the panic he felt when he saw his baby choking, his wife screaming when she saw, too. "She held his head and was trying to get [the obstruction], but every time he coughed, it moved further backwards." He took a turn and was finally able to pull the object out. Imagine his fury when he discovered it was a human fingernail.

The baby food company, Heinz, hasn't exactly apologized for the dreadful incident. They sent a statement saying the usual, "The quality and purity of our baby foods remains our utmost priority" and "We are concerned to hear" blah blah blah. The Bovingtons sent them the jar of food and there will be an investigation.

But I guess this might be a good time to bring up the idea of making your own baby food? I happen to love Merrill Stubb's "Cooking for Clara" column over at Food52. I mean, look at this scrumptious and adorable holiday baby meal! Or, if you're less ambitious, you could do what I did: Just mash some of your own food with a fork on the side of your plate and shovel that in. Yes, I was that lazy about baby food. Sometimes I mustered the energy to use one of those little hand-cranked food mills.

Of course, what's to stop you from dropping one of your own fingernails into your homemade baby food? Imagine the guilt! Can't a parent win?!? But here's how I see it. If your baby starts choking on a fingernail in homemade baby food, at least it's YOUR fingernail and you know where those fingernails have been. (Hopefully you wash your hands a lot.) But it's not going to happen -- right?!? Because you're probably super-careful, even if you're also sleep-deprived. By the way, this is why I stopped wearing fingernail polish.

Do you buy baby food or do you make your own?


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tuffy... tuffymama

Nasty. All the more reason to go with baby-led weaning. It is so much easier and healthier to feed Baby what you eat, and only when they're ready. Chances are good that Heinz doesn't give a blue crap about this baby or the horror his parents experienced.

MamaD... MamaDee83

Yet another great reason to make your own baby food and/or feed them whatever you are eating.... Baby led weaning to the rescue!!

LeahL... LeahLazarou

The fact that so many parents feed their children jarred food with a shelf life of 5+ years baffles me... I made my own food with the help of a blender.. Fresh fruits and veggies. Do it on a Sunday and freeze food for all week. The baby bullet system was worth the $$. Comes with cups with a date dial and more.

Venae Venae

Must have been a hell of a fingernail to choke a kid - was it ripped off of someone's hand?

elle7777 elle7777

Not quite sure if I believe the story, but I smell a lawsuit in the future.

jrl90 jrl90

did you seriously just write "chocked"? The correct spelling is CHOKED, you're a journalist, you should know better.

Jespren Jespren

Baby food has got to be one of the biggest money-wasters today's parents have fallen victim to. Baby-led weaning! Or, to use the common vernacular, wait til the kids ready to eat *food* before you start feeding it to them.

Nyuki Nyuki

This is truly disturbing. Another reason to buy a food processor and make my own baby food for my 5 month old!

Tiffany Wiggins

Even what we eat is horrible. Has anyone ever read the ingredients in OUR food??? I stick with baby food that's premade because the additives are given to 1000's of babies each day. These things tend to happen. it's all a matter of Paying ATTENTION. Today we live in an ADHD world, where we pay more mind to things like Miley Cyrus' latest hairstyle than pay attention to what is in our children's spoons. SAMETHING can happen or worse when making your own baby food. I still will give age approprate foods off my own plate like mashed potatoes, but it is also less work and sometimes can cost less to do jarred baby food. (plus the shelf life on the baby food is due to the canning process!)

nonmember avatar Marie

Ooh my word Tiffany Wiggans. If you think the food you're eating is "horrible" then attention must be paid to what you eat. My family only eats whole organic foods that I make myself.... No processed foods with artificial ingredients or harmful preservatives. Making your own baby food in many ways is less expensive than buying it. And if ones diet is such that they won't feed their baby food that they are eating, a real diet and lifestyle change is in order. I am a family nurse practitioner, I work full time, and have 2 children. Most people have the time to make sure their babies, children, and families have high quality nutritious foods. It's about prioritizing. As for the comment regarding baby food having preservatives given to thousands of babies per day..... I'm speechless. Just because we allow these toxins to be fed to our children, doesn't mean it's a good idea.

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