Adorable 'Baby Heading' Trend Will Have You Dressing Your Kid Up in Adult Clothes (PHOTOS)

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baby headingWhether you love babies, or hate them (yes, there are soulless people out there who hate babies!), you will fall head-over-heels for the interweb's latest (most ingenious?) meme: Baby Heading.

The concept is simple. You take a teeny-tiny baby, or hell, a toddler, and put them in "adult clothes", such as a suit and tie -- and then you watch the magic unfold ...

Behold Baby Heading, people. Your eyes -- and your heart -- will thank you.








baby heading

baby heading

Are you smiling? You're totally smiling! They're babies! In adult clothing! What can be more adorable than that?

You know, I always feel a little bad trying to get a cute shot of my baby when I know it's probably not the most dignified thing in the world for her. (Halloween costumes, anyone?) But at the end of the day, if it isn't harming your kid, I say go for it. These pictures are priceless, and g.d., they're cute.

Now excuse me while I go put my daughter in an evening gown.

What's the funniest photo you've ever taken of your child?

Images via pleated-jeans/Facebook/joyreactor

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