Mom of Twin Boys Hits the Jackpot With Second Delivery .... Twin Girls

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twinsThere are two kinds of reactions people have upon finding out they are having twins. The first one is excitement that you are doubly blessed. The second is fear -- how will you handle TWO babies?! Of course that fear quickly goes away and twin parents feel they've won the baby lottery. The reactions other people have upon finding out you are having twins range from happiness for you to "I'm so glad it's not me" kind of thing. I'm a mom of twins and I've even had someone respond with a frown, "Ugh! Oh my gosh," when I told her there were two in my belly. Parents of twins have my back here -- having two at one time is magical and amazing. One mom knows that very, very well -- she had twins ... twice!

Twenty-five-year-old Emma Power and husband John have 6-year-old identical twin boys, Connor and Kyle. When Emma learned she was pregnant again, they also found out there were two more babies in her belly!

And what I'm about to tell you may blow the minds of non-twin parents. Are you ready? Prepare yourselves. I'm about to answer the question that is on your mind. The Powers twins were conceived naturally. Score one for the beauty of nature! And double it! Not that it matters -- twin babies are still adorable twin babies even if conceived with a little help.

Now onto the next question inquiring minds want to know when it comes to twinners. Do twins run in the family? Yes, Emma has identical twin sisters. But that doesn't always mean you're going to have twins if someone else in your brood has.

Emma's newborn twins are girls, but are not believed to be identical. So yes, even twins of the same sex do not necessarily have to be identical. However, boy/girl twins can never, ever been identical because ... well, one has a penis and the other a vagina. Nothing identical about that. This is a common mistake people make about my twins who are boy and girl, look nothing alike, and are ... boy and girl.

The Powers are helping us out with a little lesson in twin trivia.

The little girls -- Ruby and Jessica -- weighed 6 pounds each, which is a fantastic weight. Nothing can beat the mom who had triplets who weighed 5.5, 7.3, and 7.8 for a total of 18 pounds and 11 ounces of baby in the belly. But still, 6 pounds each for twins ... very good.

For those twin parents thinking of having another baby and are worried they might have two more instead of just one more, don't freak out. The odds of having twins twice are believed to be 170,000 to 1. Still, it could happen. And if it did ... you'd just be doubly blessed again.

Isn't this story magical?

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nonmember avatar britney

My mom has two pairs of identical twins; two girls and two boys. I'm actually one of the twins, and I just had a set of identical twin boys in august. How cool is that?

curio... curious1145

There's a better way to explain why boy and girl twins are never identical than "one has a penis and the other a vagina,"! With fraternal twins,two separate eggs are fertilized making the twins no biologically more the same as any other two siblings whether the twins are same sex or not. Identical twins come when one fertilized egg divides into two. Since identical twins come from the same egg,whatever sex that egg is will be the sex of the twins. That's why identical twins are always the same sex. It's not like their sexual parts cause them to be fraternal. If they are of two sexes,they were never identical to begin with. I know no one asked for a biology lesson,but Michele's simplistic explanation just got to me.

Anyway,congratulations to the lucky family! These stories really make me wonder though,why are some people so incredibly blessed (or lucky depending on if you're religious or not) to have twin boys and twin girls while others can't even have one healthy baby? I know not everyone thinks they're fortunate,some think they're in for it! But many longingly think why do they get 4,2 of each, and I can't even have 1 of my own? Life's mysteries!!

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

I can beat that. A woman in my husbands family had triplet boys. A few years later they decided to try for a girl. They got another set of male triplets. Oddly enough they didn't take another stab at having a girl after that!

Personally I'm afraid of having multiples. For one, I don't know how I'd juggle them because one newborn is demanding enough without having two babies demanding my boobs and generating piles of stinky laundry. I also carry very large and everyone assumes I'm having at least two anyway so if I did have twins I'd probably reach astronomical proportions before they were done cooking. At 34 weeks with one I can barely fit behind the wheel to drive and I usually use the handicap stall because trying to fit in a regular stall is almost impossible in some places. If I had twins I'd be pretty much housebound for the last few months of pregnancy.

britn... britneykaren

When I was preggo, I kept crossing my fingers that it was twins!!! Noone in my family has any so I was just wishing, now that I have my one, I couldn't imagine two!!! Maybe next time? But it still is so amazing and cool, she is very very blessed. Like curious1145 said, some people can't even have one..

Texas... TexasGirl512

I'm a fraternal twin and to this day we are asked if we're identical - despite the obvious (penis/vagina). When I was pregnant I prayed it WASN'T twins (didn't think I could handle it). Ironically, my son is a Gemini (sign of the twins). I love the girls names but I'm biased because my mom's name is Ruby.

Whitney Johnson

Im scared of having twins. My husband is a twin, is uncles are twins, and i think he grndfather is a twin

happy... happymama2D

I have a friend with 2 sets of twins .... boy/ girl and then girl/girl. No fertility treatments but twins are in her family. I wouldn't mind having twins, and even though I currently have 2 boys already, I wouldn't necessarily want twin girls. I would love at least 1 more boy!!!

SaphireH SaphireH

i was supposed to but my sons twin didnt end up working out, i wish she had because i miss her so much

gamma4 gamma4

My dad had two sets of twins in his far of all us kids now having our own kids and them getting old enough to have kids have never had the twins...we are waiting lol

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