Baby Gear for Twins That Makes Mom's Life a Whole Lot Easier

anna paquinWhen I spotted the recent photo of Anna Paquin taking a leisurely stroll with her twins, I was mesmerized. It wasn't really the True Blood actress that got my attention, it was that amazing double baby carrier she was sporting. I must have single-child tunnel vision because I had actually never seen one before. It made me wonder about all those other cool products for moms of multiples that I never even considered. I discovered some really great baby gear for twins. (And I'm not just talking about double strollers.) Check it out.

What other cool twins products have you seen or used?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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chell... chellyelizabeth

As a mom of twins I can tell you that the only place to use that shopping cart cover is at a warehouse store like Sam's Club. When they were smaller they both sat in the single seat for the cart and when they got too big I bought a buggy bench (which is awesome!).

nonmember avatar Elizabeth

I have twins and never used any of the above mentioned unnecessary products. I loved my twin nursing pillow (why isn't that on this list?), used two Ergo baby carriers (one in the front and one if the back) but once they get to a certain size, it's bad for my back to carry both at once. A stroller is so much better and I had a lightweight double stroller (McLaren). When I bottle fed them, I'd sit cross-legged, have one resting inside my legs and the other to it's side resting her head on my thigh. They both have their own tricycles as I'm sure they'd fight over who said in front!

paige... paige8608

Some of that stuff is just stupid & ridiculous! What if you needed the things to be seperated? 

Ethan... EthansMomma129

As a mother of twins, none of that stuff is necessary. The baby carriers dont even look safe. It'd be much easier to use a moby and ergo/or beco carriers. Babies shouldnt front face out anyways. Those slings are death traps. Ugh... Not to mention who is going to spend over 200 for something to prop them up on to feed them? Two boppies or a twins breastfriends pillow would be much better. That high chair is riduclous looking. Who has that kind of room in their kitchen? The graco space savers are someones best bet. Much more affordable too. These kinds of articles need to be written by people who actually have twins. Entertaining pictures, sure. Anything

nonmember avatar Jessica

I have twins and didn't use any of this. Lol. I have a double stroller, and two-seater wagon, and carriers. I always switch out what i use when I go out.

heydo... heydooney

love that trike!

MizGypsy MizGypsy

I agree with the other posts.I have twins and most of those products are totally unneeded. Way too much money spent on those when you could spend it on real needs like diapers!

winte... winterglow

This obviously wasn't written by anyone with hands-on experience of twins nor any common sense. That rocking chair, for instance, may avoid fighting over lap space but look how easily a child could slide off it and onto the floor!

Courtnut Courtnut

How unnecessary. The trike is cool though. I will never understand those stupid cart things. The kids won't die sitting or touching metal. Somehow we survived.

mommi... mommieof4.2011

I have twins and that is unnecessary, you dont have to have a double tricycle as the kids will fight who get to sit in the front... I didnt need any of that stuff and Im doing it just fine, the bench seat does sound interesting that someone spoke of earler, where would I get one of those?

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