Brad Pitt Empties His Wallet to Help Baby Unit of Hospital

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Brad PittOh my uterus, this story is so freaking sweet it's almost enough to make me forgive Brad Pitt for those Chanel ads. A woman, Tricia Wilson-Hughes, was collecting money for the neo-natal care unit of a local hospital because the son of a friend of hers, who was born with gastroschisis, had recently been treated there for nine weeks. She decided that she would ask the crew of Brad's new film, World War Z, for donations. She said: "I wasn't too bothered if I didn't see Brad Pitt ... [but] I felt I had to do something for the charity."

But when she saw Brad Pitt's bodyguard, she worked up the courage to approach him and ask if Brad could help ...

The bodyguard disappeared and soon came back with a wad of cash -- about $1,100. Everything, Brad said, he had in his wallet. Dumbstruck, Tricia called her friend whose baby had been in the unit and told her the good news. Said the friend: "I thought she was messing about and was going to say, 'My dad's given you a fiver' or something, then she said, 'It's from Brad Pitt!'"

Says Tricia: "You hear negative stories about A-listers but I won't hear a wrong word against him, I am in awe of him."

Of course, this is hardly Brad's first act of charity. His foundation with Angelina Jolie, Jolie-Pitt Foundation, has given away millions. And Brad is famous for building homes in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Hey, Brad, the Rockaways needs you right now!

Anyway, how could Brad resist a neo-natal unit? This is a guy with six kids! Brad, I guess I can forgive that Chanel ad. Sorry for poking fun of it -- but c'mon. It was craptascularly bad. We cool?

What do you think of Brad's gift?


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cmjaz cmjaz

He's awesome

Doomy234 Doomy234

He's a good guy. So is his brother Doug who does great things for our community, like sponsoring charities to feed the hungry, school programs, all sorts of nice things. I'd love to meet the Pitt family and thank them for all they have done to help those in need. :)

nonmember avatar Maryah

I'm a hair dresser in the Bay Area, & one of my clients is a manager @ The Claimont Hotel in San Francisco (where the Jolie-Pitt family stayed while Brad filmed Moneyball) She said that both Brad AND Angelina were extremely gracious, friendly, & generous! And all of their kids were sweet & well behaved : )

ruby_... ruby_jewel_04

Go Brad! I love hearing about celebrities who aren't too good to help people!

shesl... shesliketx

So awesome!!!

stara... starandseen

He sure carries a lot of cash!!

Seven... SevenKisses

Awh, my son was born with Gastroschisis. I actually despise this guy but this really makes me think twice about him!

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