Parents Name Baby 'Hashtag' & Set Her Up for a Lifetime of Misery

baby facepalmThese days, it's more of a challenge than ever to think up a creative baby name. What with celebs one-upping each other all over the place and non-celebs, well, also one-upping each other all over the place. But there's a fine line between creative and plain old crazy, and I'm afraid the parents who recently named their newborn baby Hashtag Jameson might have crossed it. Yup, "Hashtag." Yup, after the Twitter thing.

Now, I don't know these people personally. Perhaps this social media term has some deep significance for them. Maybe there's a beautiful, emotional story behind this baby's name and we just don't know it yet. So I don't want to be too harsh on little Hash's mom and dad ... but I think it's safe to say that this child's name is gonna be a problem. Like, for life.


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See, one of my very close family members (who shall remain nameless, at the moment) had something of an odd name. Not as odd as Hashtag, but, well, it was pretty bad. And do you know what? That name hung over his head like a black cloud for his entire life. No exaggeration. Of course! Imagine how it would feel if every single time you meet a new person, you heard: "I'm sorry, WHAT did you say your name was again?!"

That's quite a disadvantage to burden your child with. Life is hard enough! Although I'm sure Hashtag's parents see things differently. Wow, our kid is gonna thank us someday for this awesome name!

Which kinda makes one wonder about other challenges Hashtag is destined to face as part of this family.

What do you think about naming a baby Hashtag?


Image via goldberg/Flickr

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