Gorgeous New Blue Ivy Photos Show a Life Our Own Kids Will Never Know

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blue ivyCelebs, they're just like -- oh you know the rest! We just can't get enough of those photos where they're, you know, eating and engaging in other human-like behaviors. And our favorite? Celebs who make babies, of course. Especially the ultimate celeb baby, Beyoncé and Jay Z's offspring, Blue Ivy.

Oh sure, they tried to copyright her name. I mean, who wouldn't? But if you just take a little glimpse into their world you can see how they're just like any other young family. Check out the photos of their perfect Thanksgiving weekend on Beyoncé's Tumblr.

For example, who didn't play with big, golden rings as a wee babe, just like the ones Blue Ivy is playing with? (Maybe these are copper -- it's hard to tell.) I know I did! And so did my son. Every once in a while we'd roll a big diamond ball back and forth. Ah, those were the days. Also, I totally have a kidney-sized golden ring just like the one Beyoncé is wearing. (I'm kidding about all of that, in case it isn't obvious.)

And here's baby Blue looking over Daddy's shoulder in the dappled sunlight underneath a parabola in whatever warm, sunny resort the little fam spent Thanksgiving. It's so warm he's in a t-shirt! Have you ever seen a new couple look so relaxed and free on a Thanksgiving afternoon?

blue ivy

Oh wait, come to think of it, I don't think I have...

Oh of course I'm just envious of how idyllic the Beyoncé/Jay Z/Blue Ivy family looks! They probably had an insanely delicious Thanksgiving meal cooked by someone else while they got to wander around paradise with their sweet little girl. Wouldn't it be lovely if all new parents could spend a holiday like this. But good for them.

Do you remember your first Thanksgiving as a new parent?


Images via iam.beyonce.com

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Histo... HistoryMamaX3

Somebody sounds bitter and jealous. How sad that we can't just be happy being ourselves.

Cassandra Huber

Just had my first Thanksgiving last week as a new parent. May not have been glamorous, but it was awesome!!!

abra819 abra819

HER daughter won't be know the way my kids are raised. By there mother, not a nanny. My kid has an awesome.

Pinkmani Pinkmani

Abra, who's to say Blue is being raised by a nanny? You don't know that. Your comment doesn't make much sense.

Torra... TorranceMom

@abra819 Exactly! Blue may grow up with every single material possession known to man but none of those things are a substitute for a mom and a dad. Yes, I know she has both but I'm willing to bet Blue spends a fair amount of time with "the help" while Bey and Hov are off working and being celebrities.

kelti... kelticmom

I love how everyone assumes that the baby is raised by a nanny. Do you have some inside view into their lives? Gossipy old hens.

Tripl... TripleC14

The irony of those inane comments is that Blue Ivy most likely gets to spend way more time with her working parents than the average kid of working parents does.

Histo... HistoryMamaX3

What's the difference in being raised by a nanny and being raised at a day care facility? Just something to think about... people believe that the rich harm their children by paying other people to care for their children while they are working- but what is the difference between them and the average parent, really?

How many hours per day does the average working parent spend with their child?


Aside from that, WHY does it matter anyway how another person raises their child? Again, all I see from this article is jealousy and discontent from a person that wants what others have and isn't happy with her own life.

nonmember avatar kay

Hey Abra, I love that you'll be raising your daughter but please don't homeschool. Your comment.... just hideous. What in the world makes people think that Beyonce and Jay Z would love and appreciate their child any less than you love and appreciate yours? I have a career, Beyonce has a career. She just happens to make several million a year while I make several thousand. How does this automatically brand her as an absentee parent? Just more moms hating on other moms. Gotta love it.

britn... britneykaren

This was my first thanksgiving as a new mommy and we went camping!! Just the three of us, we made the whole meal by campfire, except the store bought pies of course! Baby girl was asleep by the time it was done, but we had a great time!!

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